Is it possible to temporarily enable the RPM Fusion repository?

I needed a driver from the non-free repo, and will probably end-up installing the Steam client as well. The former obviously should be kept up to date (Steam has a self-updater) and thus simply removing the RPM Fusion repository isn’t really an option.

Because I don’t need/don’t want to use other proprietary software I dislike having the non-free repository enabled. Is there a way to safely chain these commands together, for instance?

  1. enable the non-free repo
  2. install or update a specific package
  3. after finishing, remove the said repo

Try the following. It will enable rpmfusion-nonfree for this one time only.

sudo dnf --enablerepo=rpmfusion-nonfree install programname

If you wanted to test this before actually installing anything just do

dnf --enablerepo=rpmfusion-free repolist

You will see the temporarily enabled repo listed along with the normal repos.

Type dnf repolist once more and the rpmfusion repo will not be listed.


Set up the RPM Fusion repos and disable it:

sudo dnf config-manager --save --setopt=rpmfusion-nonfree\*.enabled=0

Then you can enable it on demand as mentioned above.


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