Is it possible to switch completely to to KDE from Gnome?

I’d like to ask is it possible to switch entirely to KDE from Gnome in all aspects, in means of completely removing Gnome and installing KDE since I tried removing gnome and the system refused since gnome-shell is a protected package.

I want someone who tried such a thing and tell me about the experience and I have some concerns doing that… and my main concern if that step worked is about the Nvidia drivers having a hybrid Machine which requires Optimus drivers…does it work well in KDE or shall I just stick to Gnome with X11 for now?

Thanks in adavnce

You can use Fedora spins:

Fedora spins of KDE desktop environment:

Also you can download various types of desktop environment

A little bit guidance here:

By the way, Fedora is using Wayland by default for their display server instead of X11. And you can change the server by logining out the Fedora then at the login screen, select the “gear” icon and select GNOME on Xorg. Once login is completed the X11 windowing system will be in use, as can be seen by returning to Settings > About. This change will persist unless changed back at the login screen.

Or you can use this method also:

Yes, here’s a script that replaces GNOME with KDE:

tee << EOF > /dev/null
sudo dnf shell -y --setopt protected_packages= << EOI
swap fedora-release-workstation fedora-release-kde
swap fedora-release-identity-workstation fedora-release-identity-kde
remove @gnome-desktop
remove *gnome* *gtk*
install @kde-desktop-environment
sudo systemctl restart sddm.service

You can run it from a text terminal Alt+Ctrl+F3:


Otherwise you can remove protected packages like this:

sudo dnf remove gnome-shell --setopt protected_packages=

That was the answer I was looking for…Thank you so much. However, I still have the concern of running KDE wirh my optimus drivers. Is it better than gnome or as easy? if you had any experience in that topic I’d appreciate you explaining the situation for me.

In KDE (just as in GNOME) the default is Wayland, but there is a choice at the login prompt to use X11 instead.
Wayland is not compatible with some of the proprietary Nvidia drivers (I switched to AMD months ago, so I no longer keep detailed track of Nvidia issues, but I don’t think it has changed much).
I don’t know about optimus. But I still expect any problems would be in Wayland, not in KDE.

If you are worried about KDE working or you are worried you won’t like it, you could install and try KDE before removing GNOME (so you can use either by choice at the login screen).

I expect almost any change in Desktop Environment will initially feel worse, because it is not what you are used to. But in my opinion, KDE is much better than GNOME.

Just run ‘dnf install plasma-desktop’ and switch with gdm. There are a few desktops you can see with ‘dnf list *desktop’. Gnome is the default setup of Fedora like Red Hat and CentOS, you might have to remove this and that …