Is it possible to pin the version in bootupd update?

A have a fleet of bare-metal Fedora CoreOs systems that run container related workloads.
Right now I have my own automation in place to deploy new Fedora CoreOS releases, as I wanted to have more control over what releases are currently in use. (I have disabled Zincati)

In my automation I basically do something like this:

/usr/bin/rpm-ostree deploy --bypass-driver ${release}

Is there something similar for bootupd? So I can be sure I have the same version of grub installed, regardless of when I actually execute the update?

The bootloader is updated from the content of the currently booted image, so you don’t need anything specific to get a fixed version than running this image.

Note that we currently don’t automatically update the bootloader in Fedora CoreOS by default.

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In this case I will do the bootupctl update once I have booted to the new release.
Thank you very much for the info.