Is it possible to install Pip for older versions of Python?

I’ve found out how to use older versions of Python by installing them using dnf install python3.x. But how can I install Pip for them? When I install python-pip, I get pip, pip-3, and pip-3.11, but how can I get e.g. pip-3.9? Specifically, I want to use the Taichi language, which is available for Python 3.10 and lower. I’ve already done dnf search taichi and come up empty. Thanks.

The other versions are mostly for development and testing purpose; there are no other packages to go along with it.

You can set this up with a venv:

$ python3.9 -m venv venv
$ . venv/bin/activate
[venv] $ pip install taichi
[venv] $ python -c 'import taichi'
[Taichi] version 1.4.1, llvm 15.0.4, commit e67c674e, linux, python 3.9.16

Is there some way to get it globally?

Not that I know of.