Is it possible to dowgrade kernel to v5 for Fedora 38

I’m experiencing problem with shutdown described in this topic. And if say honestly I don’t have to much expectations to someone can help to solve this problem.
So I want try to downgrade kernel to version 5.XX.XXX. I hope older kernel is working better with older hardware. Is it possible to install old kernel for new release without building it manually from scratch?

Older kernel (v5) does not have any hardware support that has been removed in kernel 6.x.

If a kernel 5.x fixes your problem, a regression was introduced to kernel 6.x that needs to be reported to the kernel devs.

There are no kernel 5.x packages or repositories for F38/37. To test that kernel you can temporarily install a Fedora that was shipped with 5.x.

You can find older kernels at

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There is F38 x86_64 build of 5.15 longterm kernel: kwizart/kernel-longterm-5.15 Copr

Use at your own risk.

Fedora only supports the latest packaged kernel. But if you’re going to use an older kernel for whatever reason, it’s probably better to use a longterm version that still receives security updates (either from above Copr or building it yourself), than an old build from many months/years ago. You can check current longterm versions on

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Downgraded from 6.3.12 to longterm-5.15 and ACPI hardware problems disappeared.

What is the process you used to do the downgrade?