Is it possible for me to install wifite2 on fedora as it's specifically made for Kali Linux?

Yes you can, but installing from source, follow the project dependencies…


python β†’ installed by default
iwconfig β†’ installed by default
ifconfig β†’ installed by default
Aircrack-ng β†’ sudo dnf install Aircrack-ng

Optional, but Recommended:

tshark β†’ sudo dnf install wireshark
reaver β†’ sudo dnf install reaver
bully β†’ go to GitHub - aanarchyy/bully and install it from source
coWPAtty β†’ sudo dnf install cowpatty
pyrit β†’ Look! , Pyrit is old, is outdated and it’s still Python2 I am currently attempting to rewrite it from scratch, so thanks for all the stars but remember to keep an eye for Python3 version.
hashcat β†’ sudo dnf install hashcat

Run Wifite

git clone
cd wifite2
sudo ./

Install Wifite

To install onto your computer (so you can just run wifite from any terminal), run:

sudo python install

This will install wifite to /usr/sbin/wifite which should be in your terminal path.

Note: Uninstalling is not as easy. The only way to uninstall is to record the files installed by the above command and remove those files:

sudo python install --record files.txt \ && cat files.txt | xargs sudo rm \ && rm -f files.txt


Or You can install/run KALI Linux in a virtual-machine under kvm, virtualbox or vmware