Is it ok to upload the core dump to

I often come across a few problems while using Fedora, and it automatically asks to report the problem.
While reporting these issues via “Problem Reporting” built-in application it then prompts either to choose between Yes or No by asking “Ok to upload core dump?”

So, I’ll like to know

  1. What this “Core dump” actually means?
  2. Is it safe to upload “Core dump”?
  3. Is uploading “Core dump” will solve the problem faster?

Moreover, I would also like to views of other Fedora users that what they do and which option is should be preferable (Yes or No)?

Looking forward to some interesting answers :slight_smile:


Its perfectly Okay!
There is nothing to be afraid of. If the dump contains potentially sensitive data, it will inform you and wait for your input. That gives you a chance to address the sensitive portion.

Its just a neat/fast way to report bugs … unless you’d like to do it manually


Here is some information on coredumps and stack traces:


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