Is it easy to get videos working in firefox?

Thanks for this!

I’m rebasing now.

To be honest, I thought Rawhide was the beta. That it simply meant it wasn’t the stable version.
I had no intention to use anything too cutting edge in the first place.

If I want the stable version next month, will I have to rebase again from the beta to the stable version?

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Hey there,

I could use some help with something :pray:

So, I rebased to Fedora 34, when I start it up for the first time it makes me create a new account. I named the account “delete me”. It seemed that my settings and apps were lost, but that wasn’t the case.

When restarting just “delete me” was a the log in screen, but I click “no on the list” and typed my old user name and password and it worked just fine.

When I go to the “Users and Groups” settings, my current account “Sashin” is no where to be seen.

How do I make “Sashin” my main account that shows on GDM and delete deleteme?

So I deleted “deleteme” and everything is mostly fine, it would be nice if I could add “sashin” my main account to the log in screen again, but it isn’t essential.

Just realised I left this here, but this is pretty much solved I think.

I simply used terminal (usermod I think) to delete the other user and changed a document with a variable “system-user” from true to false (if I remember right).

Strangely enough I lost my display picture, but unless something under the hood is also different everything seems okay.

Nope, no additional rebasing is necessary! The beta’s using the same branch as what release will be using. So you’re good.

Strangely enough I lost my display picture, but unless something under the hood is also different everything seems okay.

Make sure your /home/sashin is owned by your sashin user. If it is, that’s great. If it’s not, you may want to change the owner with the chown command. As long as you had your previous sashin user on the system even with your other account, it should be fine. You can check to see what the permissions are by doing:

ls -ld /home/sashin

If it says something like this:

drwx------. 1 sashin sashin 1140 Apr  2 10:23 /home/sashin/

Then that’s great!

(The important part is the user and group being “sashin sashin”.)

Otherwise, you’d need something like chown sashin:sashin -R /home/sashin (but don’t run this, unless you have ownership issues).

Strangely enough I lost my display picture

You should be able to set your picture from the users part of the settings in GNOME. Click on the big circle next to your name and a popup to select one of the images (or choose your own).

Hmm, I’m not sure why the picture vanished. I checked the permissions and it was fine. I changed it through GNOME settings and it seemed to work just fine.

The picture itself isn’t a big deal, a part of me was worrying that there might have been some under the hood changes that were unseen but could prove an issue later. But I was probably overthinking, reason I’m using Silverblue is so these worries are in the past :smiley:

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Firefox uses FFmpeg by default. FFmpeg is a package that is essentially a binary + libraries. Included in the libraries are a bunch of codecs that can be used for processing media (codec = encode/decode).

What you are able to view on the web is determined by what the content publisher encoded the content with and if you have the right codec to decode that stream. However you can reliably bet if you are watching video on the web you are probably either using a codec Google developed (VP8, VP9, or AV1) or a codec that is licensed by MPEG LA and developed by other industry (AVC, HEVC, VVC; aka H.264, H.265, and H.266). A solid chunk of the web uses VP9 for video because:

  1. It is patent- and royalty-free
  2. One of first (with HEVC) codecs to support hardware acceleration
  3. It’s what Google uses (and a lot of people just link YouTube)

HEVC (H.265) is a competing codec that is similar performance but not patent-free, so this will not work out of the box with Fedora. Most likely if you can’t see a video play on the web then this is how it was encoded.

VP8 and AVC (H.264) are the previous generations of VP9 and HEVC respectively. H.264 is also patented but Cisco pays all royalties to MPEG LA so they can provide the open source codec. AV1 and VVC (H.266) are the next generation codecs that will make 4K HDR broadcast / streaming a feasible reality.

This just isn’t true. In fedora, the only plugin Firefox relies on that is not installed by default is mozilla-openh264. FFmpeg not only requires the RPMFusion repo, but will also pull in several codecs and plugins that Firefox just can’t use (H265 etc.).

Firefox has used FFmpeg as its default media engine for years now. Just do a search for ‘firefox ffmpeg’ or go to FFmpeg’s Wikipedia page and do a text search for ‘firefox’. Fedora ships a stripped down version of Firefox because they are so strict on freedom and FFmpeg has some patent encumbered code.

I would be surprised if H.264 is the only codec missing. Last I checked I could not play AV1 videos from Fedora’s implementation of Firefox – which is built right into FFmpeg and therefore the Flathub version Mozilla directly maintains.

Actually I’m quite sure that H.264 isn’t the only codec missing from Fedora because if you go to the very document I linked previously it shows all the codecs that Firefox supports and one of them is HEVC, which Fedora doesn’t ship (except if you use FFmpeg or application that uses it like VLC or mpv).

AV1 works and is in the default Fedora repos.

The document you sent says specifically that Firefox does not and will not support HEVC until it is no longer patent encumbered.

install totem & firefox will play streaming videos or install the firefox flatpak.

install totem via rpm-ostree & not the totem flatpak.

the totem flatpak will play all videos but will not help firefox at all.

rpm-ostree speeds are pathetically slow, literally crawling while flatpak is uber fast.

i got the epiphany-browser / web flatpak + firefox flatpak for online streaming videos.

i got celluloid flatpak for audio & video files.

i prefer mpv over vlc, mpv beats vlc hands down at performance.