Is /boot/efi mountpoint mandatory in Fedora 30?

I am planning to install Fedora 30 along with my Windows 10 installation in my laptop.
My Laptop (MSI GS65 Stealth) has 1 TB SSD Drive and 256 GB NVME drive , 16GB RAM. Purchased on April 2019.

After creating USB bootable disk using rufus, I was going through each steps without actually installing.
Anacondas’ automatic disk layout configuration suggested the following.


The last time I used Fedora was Fedora 28 and I don’t remember having /boot/efi .
Is this necessary ? If so, what is the recommeded future proof size for Fedora 30 ?

You will need a /boot/efi partition if your laptop is using UEFI rather than BIOS. More information about the EFI Partition can be seen here:

If you are unsure, open up the BIOS settings when your laptop boots and check whether UEFI/Secure Boot is enabled. If your laptop came with Windows 8/10, it most likely is.


Yes. It is mandatory. If UEFI enabled in your BIOS /boot/efi is mandatory.