Iriun - Use phone as a webcam - only deb package

I would like to test iriun to use an old android phone as a webcam.

the package is available for Debian.

See here:

I tried to convert the package to an rpm with alien but there is an error :slight_smile:

Does someone know how to do it? or could help me with that?

Thank you

I tried to enable the repo
but there was no build for fedora 33

So, I found a way to convert the deb repo to rpm:

sudo alien -r iriunwebcam.deb --target=x86_64

and then installed it:

sudo dnf install iriunwebcam-2.2-2.x86_64.rpm

this was missing:

sudo dnf install v4l2loopback

and after this:

sudo modprobe v4l2loopback exclusive_caps=1

I had a new webcam :slight_smile:


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