Ipp-usb has snatched my printer!

I am using a usb printer /dev/usb/lp0 directly (not via cups).

It seems that an update has recently caused the device to be removed (/dev/usb/lp0 is no longer visible).
Looking at the journal I see an entry that implies that ipp-usb has removed it.
Is there a way to blacklist this printer from being captured by ipp-usb?
The man page seems to imply that there are ‘quirks’ files that may achieve this and there is a file… /usr/share/ipp-usb/quirks/blacklist.conf
However, if I use this I have these sense that it may get clobbered on the next update. Is there a line that I can add to /etc/ipp-usb/ipp-usb.conf to do this?

I think this is one that the maintainers/developers would have to answer. Could you file a bug against the ipp-usb package please?


(You can login to bugzilla using your Fedora account, like you do here)