IP name and FQDN in Fedora 35

The Lynis security audit tool has flagged up the following:

“Add the IP name and FQDN to /etc/hosts for proper name resolving”.

What amendments do I need to make?

Just please read your topics alias the users requests/answers.

( hostnamectl isn’t doing anything magic, by the way — it’s calling the same system calls as hostname for the runtime name, and writing the others to /etc/host and /etc/machine-info . It’s just conveniently putting it all in one place.)

This is one to ignore.

This is generally a bad idea for a number of reasons on a modern system. Particularly, if you put a static IP there but are getting addresses by DHCP, all sorts of mess may happen. The problem that this item is concerned about is, uh, resolved (sorry, no pun intended) by systemd-resolved, which handles this more gracefully.

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