Introduction - Todd Lewis

I’ve used Fedora since long before Red Hat Linux split into RHEL and Fedora. It’s been my primary desktop both at home and at work where I’ve spent 37 years supporting IT for a major public university. I’ve written and published software in C, and have contributed bug reports, patches, and enhancements to packages, some of which are in Fedora. Professionally I’ve assisted in porting to or creating in Ansible large parts of our configuration management, and re-implemented a good deal of our system administration in systemd. I always look forward to new Fedora Magazine articles, and am eager to contribute in kind to the community.

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Hello @utoddl ,
Welcome to the Fedora Discussion area and the Magazine topic section in particular. Please do take some time to review the Spec Article column on the Fedora Magazine Project Kanban to see if anything strikes your fancy as subject matter to write about. Or of course, propose a topic you are interested in sharing about.