Introduction - Mateus Rodrigues Costa

Hello all, I’m Mateus.
I was previously a writer for Fedora Magazine and now I wanted to join the Docs team.

I want to join because I believe I’m kinda good at writing detailed guides about computer stuff and I think the stuff i was writing previously for Magazine would be a better fit as Documentation rather than blog posts.

For reference, here is some of the stuff I wrote there.
(Notice how they are mostly about package management with both dnf and rpm-ostree)

I wanted to initially write docs for Silverblue-specific stuff (since that’s what I currently use), focusing on the advanced stuff that might not be very well documented yet due to Silverblue still being very new, as well as later on adding info on some stuff that also is useful for Workstation.

EDIT: Btw, sorry if this is the wrong place to do an introduction, the Wiki page is quite old of date and it wasn’t very clear where to do it.


@mateusrodcosta Hi Mateus, a warm welcome to #docs discussion! I am very delighted with your plan to contribute to the Fedora documentation.

After a period of relatively little activity by the docs team, we are in the process of developing new initiatives. Your plan fits quite nicely with our current projections. We are working on two major projects right now:

Your intentions fit perfectly to the latter. According to our current knowledge, there are large gaps in particular with regard to Workstation.

We have a regular chat meeting

every Wednesday 18:30 UTC at

It would be great if you could manage to participate.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask and let’s stay in touch.


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Oh, sure, I did read the linked pages.

Sure, I already joined the Fedora Docs room on Matrix, but I will try to participate in the meeting.

I believe I should be able to start as soon as June comes and, since that will be Wednesday, I will see during the meeting.

I did notice though that it seems there are no style guideline yet, what’s up with that?
If I were to write some documentation, could I still write in a similar way I did for my guides for Magazine?

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Yeah, currently we have none. So, you can’t do anything wrong. :slight_smile:

We discussed not to invent the wheel anew and have considered starting with Magazine’s style guide and see how far we get. No decision made yet, but it is certainly a good option.


So, as discussed in the Wednesday meeting, just send me what I can do and I will try contributing by writing.

If possible, I wanted to start with stuff about package management.

Sorry for the delay so far. I was too swamped to manage everything on time.

There are at least two different groups of addressees, packagers and users. Regarding packagers, I’m not sufficiently familiar with the current state. But I know it is a ‘hot’ topic and needs some attention. But in detail, I would depend on your expertise where you see a need, and then we can organize it.

Regarding the user side, i.e. dnf and rpm, we plan to convert these sections from the current Administrator’s Guide into separate, self-contained reference guides each. If you could take on one of these, or even both, that would be really great.

Otherwise, I remember you being particularly interested in Workstation. There is currently missing in installation guide, which describes the procedure with the Live CD. We should then coordinate this in detail with the Workstation Working Group.

If I can wish for something, working on the section on dnf and rpm would be my favorite.

No problem! I also ended up dealing with a lot of stuff this week.

As of now I would prefer to deal with users, focusing on the common system taks for the avergae user and advanced guides for power users and developers.

Sure! I can write what I already know and learn some new stuff to add to the docs as well.

Yeah, about that… I’m more interested in writing about Silverblue-specific stuff, but since Silverblue is based on Workstation anyway, I should have no problem writing the Workstation stuff as well.

I did take a look at the Installation Instructions today and it does seem quite out of date, for example, it wasn’t updated to the Fedora Media Writer redesign and there are no screenshots to writing the media with Gnome Disks =[ .
Didn’t check much about the rest.

I do know quite a bit about dnf, but not much about rpm (I did try to learn how to create a spec file once though) so, yeah, I could write something about it.

I already have a few toolboxes setup, but I might end up nuking my Silverblue VM in favor of a Workstation VM to use for writing those.

That’s great. Let’s start with DNF. There is a section about it in the administrator’s guide. It should be migrated into a self-sustained guide and into a reference style, not so much ab how-to-do style. And probably some subsections need an update.

Indeed, very much out of date as an Workstation installation guide. But currently Workstation WG obviously has no interest in documentation. I would suggest to write a (probably short) desktop live media guide. We have to discuss that in tte team.

I hope we’ll setup the required infrastructure soon, so we can start.