Introduction Fedora Community

Hi, my name is Yolanda Stallings, and I joined Fedora in June. It was not very clear, to say the least. My experience in Technology is above minimal. I am a retired kindergarten teacher with a B.A. in Fine Art and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. I love drawing, painting, and anything artsy. I have traveled to Egypt, Central America, certain parts of South America, and Japan. I have experienced my first Nest 2020 Convention. It was enjoyable especially playing with the WorkAdventure Station. I want to contribute more in designing fedora badges, editing, or writing articles for the community blog. :smiley: I have not received my baby badger, or white rabbit badge yet.


Welcome to Fedora Yolanda!

If you have any ideas for articles about running FOSS on Fedora Linux, we are always looking for more material for Fedora Magazine. Feel free to propose article ideas in Fedora Magazine’s forum section at any time. :slight_smile: