Introduction and three proposals

Dear All,

I was told that Fedora Magazine is one of the places where I can contribute my skills. First, a very short introduction: I am a journalist at the Slovenian national newspaper, more of a generalist than a tech writer. I finished my education in social sciences around the turn of the century, and my children have grown enough that I have a bit more spare time.

Second, I am posting three different proposals. The reason for this is that I would like to get your feedback on what is expected and to get a feeling for the vibe of the Fedora Magazine community. I hope this is okay.

Anyway, here it goes:

#1 Emacs for writers

Summary: How to set up Emacs to be a great tool for writing

Description: The purpose of this article is to show that Emacs is a flexible editor that can also be used as a great tool for writing articles, books, and plays. The article will focus on the advantages of using Emacs for writing, but will also mention some of the disadvantages.

  • What is Emacs and how can it serve as a tool for creative writing?
  • Configuring Emacs on a Fedora machine
  • The power of the init.el file
  • Modes to use and tools at the writer’s disposal
  • How to make Emacs even better for writers

#2 Enjoying Fedora with your kids

Summary: How to use Fedora to spend quality time with your kids

Description: The Linux ecosystem, including Fedora, offers some great tools and apps to discover with children. This article will describe some of these tools and apps, including some web apps that are platform-independent.

  • What kinds of apps are available? From SuperTux to Scratch, from MuseScore to DOSBox
  • Where to find apps and how to install them
  • Apps for different age groups

#3 Why Fedora is like jazz

Summary: A different way to look at Fedora

Description: This article will take a more philosophical approach to Fedora, showing that there are some interesting links between Fedora/Linux and jazz. Some of the characteristics of jazz include improvisation, swing, complex chords, and a rich and sophisticated sound. These characteristics are also similar to the experiences of using Fedora.

  • What is jazz and what does it have to do with Fedora?
  • Shared characteristics between jazz and Fedora
  • Why Windows and Mac do not sound jazzy, but Fedora does (customizations, desktop environments, etc.)
  • Why it is important to put the fun back into computing, just like jazz brings fun to our musical selves

Thank you for your feedback.

+2.5 :slight_smile:

All three of your proposals sound OK.

The goals of Fedora Magazine are meant to align with the goals of the Fedora Project. The following excerpt from the “Freedom” section of Fedora’s Mission and Foundations expresses the goal of “Advancing FOSS” quite well.

Advancing software and content freedom is a central community goal, which we accomplish through the software and content we promote.

The only part of your proposal that might be questionable is the following.

We want Fedora to be friendly. We try not to speak ill of any other projects or competitors.


@odisej Thank you for offering your articles to the Fedora Magazine.

We used Pagure to track articles through the publication process and I’ve created three Pagure tickets for your articles:

#231 for “Emacs for writers”
#231 for “Enjoying Fedora with your kids”
#232 for “A different way to look at Fedora”

These need to be assigned to you but you will need to log into Pagure to register in that system. You can do that by going to any of the links above and logging in with your FAS account.
Please let us know when you have done that so we can assign the ticket to you.

We use comments on the tickets if you have questions or need to communicate with the editors about anything.

The overall work flow is described at this link as well as other helpful information.

When you have an article ready to review in the Fedora Magazine WordPress site (use your FAS account to log in there), please leave a comment in the appropriate ticket, with a preview link, and we will start the review process.

Thank you.

Richard, thank you.

So, I have done as you said (logged in with my FAS account). I have a draft of the Emacs article
prepared. How to proceed?



Edit: Minor change.

@odisej Great, You now have all 3 of the Pagure tickets (230, 231, 232) assigned to you.

I don’t see your article in the Fedora Magazine WordPress (WP) site so the next thing to do is enter it there. You can start a new article at the WP site by selecting the “+ New” link in the top banner and then selecting “Post” from the menu. This should put you in the editor and you can add your article there.

When it is ready send us a preview link using a comment on the ticket for #230 and the editors will review it and get back to you with questions, if any. You can use the ticket to communicate with us about any issues/questions you might have.

There are Writing Guideline available to help and we are always ready to assist.

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