Introduction and article proposal: Setting up Wireguard in Fedora

Hi everyone !

I’m Maurizio. I’m from Italy and I’ve been using Linux more than two decades. I read Fedora Magazine on a regular basis and now I would like to start contributing to it writing a few articles. My first article proposal is about how to set up a fast, secure and lightweight VPN in Fedora using Wireguard.

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Welcome, @malgnuz! We ran a WireGuard article in 2019. Can you describe what has changed since then or how your article would be different?

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Hi Ben ! Well, WireGuard is already available at fedora-updates instead of copr like it’s described in the last article and I also wanted to write in the new article about how to configure the wireguard interface permanently using NetworkManager.

That makes sense. +1 from me. Once another editor gives it a +1, they will create a card on our kanban board and you can get started.

+1 @malgnuz I’ve created kanban card 303. Please login to . That will enable us to assign you to the card.

There is information about contributing as a writer that might be helpful. That site also describes the editorial workflow.

Thanks for contributing!

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Thank you @bcotton @rlengland. Looking forward to be assigned to kanban card 303

@malgnuz have you logged in to with your FAS account? That is necessary for us to assign the card.

Yes @rlengland and I can see the kanban and the card 303 as well.

@malgnuz I suspect that you may not have completed your FAS profile

since your email address doesn’t appear to be available. We need that to add you to the card. Can you investigate that please?

@malgnuz you will also need to agree to the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement before we can run the article. That will be part of completing your profile.

Thank you @bcotton @rlengland. I think it was the FPCA that was missing.

Great! I added you to the team as an author and assigned card 303 to you.