(introduction) 247 salutes everyone

Hello everyone, i’m 247, and i’ve been using fedora from the 22 version (long time has passed eh?)

the other day i was looking to burn a particular kind of disc (easily burnable with windows) but i found only command lines almost hard to follow instructions and i was almost about to surrender, when i found a very easy solution with an app called cdemu (available in a copr)

it was actually so easy i wanted to write an article about it, firstly because it may be a nice subject for the fedora magazine, and second because it may be helpful to newcomers and other people that want an easy solution for burning disc images, after all, fedora should also be easy, for everyone to use

so i decided to present myself here, in the hope that someone might guide me on doing the article (or say me it’s a bad idea, who knows)


Hello @luca247 ,
+1 on the article to introduce this from the COPR repo, possibly look around at other offerings too, so you can write about more than just one. But if you would prefer to write about cdemu alone, that is fine too. I am thinking of Fre:ac as one example of an alternative.


Please follow the steps here to get access: Getting access :: Fedora Docs

I already wrote the article (on my pc of course) so i just need to someone to guide me in reviewing the thing (or reject it) so for the moment cdemu it is (plus the burning software)

Anyway i would love to help the magazine so my next step will be finding some other easy (maybe not well known) app,

I will have a look at free:ac as you suggested :slight_smile:

Hello, already done all of that :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like you have signed the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement. I cannot proceed without that. Thanks.

And how do i do that?i saw 4 steps on the contributing page and done all of them…

When I click on the first link in the list and log in, I see an “Agreements” tab under my profile settings. Under that section, I have listed “Fedora Project Contributor Agreement”.

Ok, done that

OK. I’ve created card #328 to track the progress of your article. You should now be able to sign onto Fedora Magazine and write your article. Move the card to the “Review” column when you think you have your article ready for publication and the editors will assign someone to review and edit the article at the next weekly meeting on Thursday.

Thank you, i will insert the article as soon as i can…

I actually inserted the article on the taiga page but i don’t know if it’s in the right section, maybe i needed to attach it as document?

The article should be posted on the Fedora Magazine WP site, which you should have signed onto as one of your first steps of getting access. Create a post there with your title and copy your content into it.

Yeah well, sorry for the confusion, done anyway, article is ready

Maybe OT for magazine, but about cdemu: Is there any reason this software is only available as copr and not in the main repository? (Other than no package maintainer caring about it.) If it’s useful software, maybe it’s worth adding?

Hello David,
You’re likely right, although I haven’t checked their licensing since that is another reason some packages never go beyond COPR.

Perhaps you could become it’s maintaner for Fedora.


After a short glance, it looks like it needs a kernel module and therefore can’t become part of the Fedora repository. I think it could be added to RPMFusion, but I’m not familiar with that platform as a package maintainer.