Introducing rurban

I’m a linux old-timer (0.8 or so), and worked with Cpanel on the core backend team, responsible for the perl compiler and rpm’s for their CentOS. I also was the lead Software engineer of the biggest private Austrian ISP iNode decades ago, and then did more interesting stuff with Formula 1 cars and realtime systems.

I used to a lot of cygwin maintainance (maintaining >200 packages) and debian (no maintainance there, not technical enough and horrible security), but switched back to redhat/centos/fedora recently due to debian completely broken on my new AMD Ryzen laptop: gcc and the kernel.

I do maintain a couple of SW packages, mostly low-end and compiler stuff, but also cperl (a perl5 fork), parrot (the old perl6/raku backend), safeclib, smhasher and GNU LibreDWG, but also keep lots of patches for clisp,libffi,coreutils,valgrind,gperf,pcre,libsigsegv,… at my github.

Architectures: mostly just x86_64 and i686, not much arm, power, mips, risc-v and alignment sensitive CPU’s.