Introducing Myself: ray foss

I’m a web developer mostly nodejs and vue… and some unspeakable languages in my past. Trying to get into Deno but it has a hard time compiling on my side computer, Raspberry Pi… it helps me concentrate.

Anyway… just trying to get the CLA+1 cred to update this 4 year old article with my insights on it’s recommendations and add one more. SSR by the way is completely broken on Fedora Wayland. is surprisingly, more full featured than green recorder for wayland, having almost no bugs.

We should also clarify that Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R will stop the recording… it seems to suggest using the system tray on Fedora 29… LOL.

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Hi, Ray, welcome! I don’t have sponsor privs on the commops group (@jwf, @bex, pleeeeeeease), but another route is to request membership in the wikiedit group. You can file a ticket with the infra team if you want to do that.

If you’re feeling ambitious, it might be better to migrate that page out of the wiki and into the Quick Docs.


Hi @rayfoss, welcome! :wave:

Another +1 for migrating this to the Quick Docs project so this will publish on Fedora’s official documentation site! @rayfoss, if you are interested in helping with this, there are some resources and people we can point you towards. :slightly_smiling_face:

Done, you do now. :smile: