Introducing Myself - John Boero

Hi hi Fedora!
My name is John Boero alias JohnnyB or BoeroBoy. I was a Platform Consultant for Red Hat 2012-2016 out of Chicago and I now live in London currently working for HashiCorp. I’m still a Red Hat lover and an avid Fedora dev. I blog on Medium but I’ve put off joining Fedora Magazine for far too long.

Lately in COVID lockdown I’ve been playing with the SolidRun Honeycomb Arm dev board with F33 and I’d like to put together a post on my findings and caveats. I’ve also had other ideas but just need to break the ice. I’ve seen the Kanban board and I would like to put something together in the next month or two if I may. @pbrobinson permitting of course.



Welcome John. I’m looking forward to your articles.

+1 to your F33 on Honeycomb article. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks like you put it in the Community Blog. You should put it in the Magazine WordPress instance instead.

If you haven’t yet, please log in to and I’ll assign you to the card I just created.