Introducing Myself - Jakub Kadlčík

let me introduce myself as requested here

My name is Jakub Kadlčík but you may also know me as FrostyX. I am employed by Red Hat as a software engineer currently working on Copr.

I would like to become a writer for Fedora Magazine mainly to continue our want-to-be-monthly series “4 cool new projects to try in COPR” as a successor of Dominik Tureček.

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Hello @frostyx,
Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Magazine. Please check this link (to out to make sure you have followed the necessary steps to becoming a writer.

I think I have.

1. Get a Fedora FAS Account

Obviously :heart: :fedora:

2. Sign in to the Fedora Magazine :

I even wrote a draft of my first article

3. Sign in to the Taiga board :

3. Join the Magazine forum and introduce yourself :
Doing it right now :slight_smile:

Good stuff, what is your email used for the taiga account? I need that to add you as a member of the magazine kanban and set you up as a writer.
[Edit] Added new member (@frostyx) to Fedora Magazine team on Taiga.
[Edit 2] If it wasn’t clear, +1 on the COPR projects spotlight articles.

Thank you @jakfrost,
I used for my taiga account.

Hello @frostyx,
I created a Taiga card (#246) and assigned it to you. I moved it into in progress since you have content. You can paste a preview link and when ready move the card to review. Once in review the editors will review it and determine if it is ready to edit or needs further work. This generally occurs during the weekly meeting on Wednesdays.