Introducing myself - daniel-wtd

Hi y’all,

I am Daniel, a little bit older than Linux, but younger than X. I am reading fedoramagazone for quite some time now and every now and then I thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to also provide something?”

Therefore I wanted to introduce myself and apply for the possibility to write some articles.

I am working professionally with Linux for ~15 years now in Dev/Ops/DevOps/Security/Consulting and I am using Linux exclusively for my daily work and in private. I am already quite active in IRC, Twitter, Reddit and try to support the community or get some help from time to time. Furthermore I am the Host of the “Ansible Meetup Dresden” (Germany) and I am already representing the Ansible Community at some conferences in germany. Furthermore, you will find some repositories and contributions from me over at github.

For me it would be a nice opportunity to write articles for fedoramagazine about podman, buildah, ansible, hosting application X on Y, core services like DHCP, DNS, Mail or similar. I have already seen some pending topics I am interested in like “Nextcloud on Fedora”, where I can start to work on, immediately.

Best regards.

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Welcome Daniel! Your contributions here would be most welcome. If you are able to login to the Taiga instance, we can add you to the team and move the Nextcloud card to you if you want to work on that. Let us know.

Hi Paul,

thank you for the opportunity. I was already logged in in Taiga and WP. Please feel free to assign the topic to me. I will update it to nc20+f33 and will start with the work, asap.