Introducing Myself - CJ

Kia ora Everyone!

My name is Chris and I hail from New Zealand but now live in the US. I am an IT engineer supporting multi-national networks for Government(s). Been a user of Linux from early 2000s and use it at home to power my daily (Fedora) and servers (CentOS); sadly still required to boot up my Windows VM for work.

Recently tried Silverblue on my daily and must say I was impressed how painless it was setting it up. Interested in the progress that @Siosm is making towards the KDE-spin of Silverblue (Kinoite) and hope to review his article. Even better, one-day hope to contribute related articles on containerized work-flows.

I am signed up to both the Fedora Magazine and Taiga board and now looking to contribute where I can.

Looking forward to engaging more with the community!


Howdy Chris, thanks for stopping by and for the introduction. Please do take a look at the Taiga board and see if there’s an article idea/card there you’d be interested to pick up. If not, ideas are great too, or you can pitch in with editing if you’re good with fixing up English and adding fit and finish to others’ work. Happy new year!

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Hi Paul @pfrields,

Very keen to participate in editing and writing where I can. I logged-in to Fedora Magazine but still cannot seem to get access to the article I wanted to review; instead I continue to get a 404 error.

@jakfrost confirmed that the article is available in this post.

I completed the four steps as listed in Getting Access section of the Fedora Doc’s. Maybe there is another step I have missed?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide :slight_smile:

Any difference now, CJ?

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Hi Paul, I have access now. Thanks! :grinning: :+1: