Introducing Myself - Amogh

Hello All!

I am Amogh Kulkarni, I am member of Red Hat Technical Support working from Pune and a avid reader and follower of FedoraMag.

I started my Linux Journey in 2015 with my Red Hat Certifications and since then have never looked back.

I currently use a Fedora 33 Workstation on Lenovo T460s in my spare time for tweaking and break-fixing stuff and a RHEL 7.9 CSB for my office hour activities.

I am interested in contributing to the magazine via writing and hope to expand my skills as it is something I enjoy.

I also have a proposal for [no draft as of now, sorry for that] for systemd tips and tricks and how to use systemd utilities for managing your system such as systemd-delta, systemd-analyze or handling common situations of fedora systems which are cantboot and bring up the servers in required runlevels.

Open to writing any of the above or any new topic which is in dire need of writers.

Hello @amogh23k,
Welcome to the Fedora discussion forum, and to the magazine topic area. If you haven’t done this already, this is a good place to start
If you want to look through the spec articles on the magazines project Taiga afterwards, maybe there is something there that interests you. You can also put forth an article idea of your own design, of course. Thank you for your interest to contribute.