Introduce yourself!

However, I have met a few people here and I will certainly not post personal things across other places in the Internet, certainly not on places that I do not know. Should I delete it? No problem. I have just noticed that this is apparently wrong here. Not that there will become an international affair out of it. I was a bit joking here
Due to the relatively high level of mistrust on the part of moderators, you will surely understand that I do not write anything anymore here. Of course, I can well understand your opinions.

Hello everyone, I am European citizen. Born in the Balkans currently living in Poland. I’m speaking few Slavic languages thanks to that :blush: My Linux journey started long time ago (around 2008) with few not so successful install of Ubuntu. My success and 100% conversion was 3 years ago when decided to try again but this time Manjaro and yes it was correct choice for my Ancient laptop Dell Latitude 1501. Then decided to go with Arch. I found myself jumping between WMs and Gnome constantly and learned a lot, specially I love doing everything true CLI! Recently I heard about Rawhide so decided to give it a try as I love to test, break and fix things. So that is how I finished with F34 Workstation on my X230, with F34 on my RPI4 ( homeserver used as rooter and plan to test Podman there) and did I said ancient Dell 1501? Yes F34 works there too :heart_eyes:
If you hive an idea how I can contribute to the Fedora project please let me know!


Welcome @cyfraka
If you like to test things, you can give a look to Fedora Quality Assurance team.