Introduce yourself!

I should have mentioned that I’ve been a contributor for over 10 years - just now getting around to this forum.


Well, that’s good knowing this and awesome you’ve just now joined this forum.


HI! My name is Wesley. I’ve created Discord Bots and worked on minimal projects on a multitude of languages. In addition I’ve created some very primitive games, as well as having an interest in the medium of film. I’m excited to help everyone in any way possible.


Hey @wesusa
Welcome at our Fedora Community. Great that you have created Discord Bots and have a lot of experiences!



My name is Barry, I have been working in I.T./Networking for the last 15 years but have unfortunately only have very basic Linux skills & experience. I’m trying to rectify this by getting involved in the Fedora Project :slight_smile:


Hey @barryjgriffin. Happy welcome! Hope you have found all the other resources already? For summertime, probably the audio podcast is a nice option? The newest podcast can be found here: Season Two – Episode 2 – The Host, Wim, and Aleksandra – Fedora Podcast

29.5 degree Celsius in my apartment. I’ve turned-off most of my hardware, typing from my iPad right now. Where are you coming from?

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Hey @anon88952508

Thanks for the reply. Yep have started a bit of testing on the QA team!
I’ve already listedned to the latest episode of the pod and have went back and listened to some of the old ones too, thanks for the recomendation though!

Im based in Ireland, weather is nice here at the moment but not 29.5 degrees!!


Hello Fedorans

I am Uğurcan, from Türkiye, a teacher, and a Linux (mostly Debian) user since 2007 (i guess). I’m not a programmer or anything, just an experienced home user, who prefers open-source and free software.

Long story short, a couple of months ago I learnt about Silverblue. I was using it on VM, now I have it installed on my daily driver. Since I like KDE (tbh I’d prefer anything over Gnome 3/40), which makes me wait for Kinoite to be released so that I will switch to it.

If that was not for Silverblue, I would stay with Debian, as it just works for me and my workflow. But I do believe Silverblue/Kinoite is the future - no bloat, no mess, but fully working operating system in a safe and functional environment.


My name is Matthew. I’ve been using Fedora since around F22. These days I mostly do contract work for various “${BIG_CORP[@]}”. I introduce/push for faster paces using open source and Linux during my tenures.

My favorite language is Python 3.8+, but I’m capable in at least a few.


Welcome Matthew!

hello my name is yannick, i’m currently retraining for a sysadmin degree.
I started using Gnu/Linux with a Slackware 3.0.3 in 1996 :older_adult: and now, after using OpenBSD a lot, I have become Fedora friendly \o/


Hello everyone! I’m Alex, live and work in germany. I’m co-founder of a startup that provides hard- and software to municipals and residual housing for optimization and maintenance of heating/cooling systems. We are using CentOS and Fedora as Servers and Workstations as well as Fedora IoT for the IoT devices.

Privately I’m using Fedora since F27 for both my workstation and my gaming rig. Before that I got converted by arch linux priests roughly 3 years earlier that started my linux driven life. I’m currently maintaining a little oss toolchain for Fedora IoT Remixes and I’m looking forward getting involved in FedoraMagazine. I’m maintaining a little personal blog where I sometimes write technical articles on stuff find intriguing. Sometimes I report bugs or do other stuff with Fedora and I’m constantly looking (based on my resources) how I can contribute to this lovely community and OS ecosystem :wink:

I love fiction and science, so naturally also science fiction. Nothing relaxes me more than an intriguing space story!


Welcome @w4tsn

Nice to meet you and glad that you really enjoy our Fedora community and the OS :wink:
I am from Germany as well.


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Welcome @cybermeme @ugurcansayan in Fedora :slight_smile:



Hello everybody. I’m Yilkal. I am from Ethiopia. I’m 30 years old. I have been a Linux user since 2008, exclusive Linux user since 2010 and a Fedora user since 2018. I like programming and programming languages in general. I work as a security analyst an I hope to be a contributing member of the fedora community. I have interests in localization to Amharic ( i.e. the official language of Ethiopia). I hope to work in Linux based solutions especially in developing countries like ours.

I am a sci-fi nerd, a paranoid weirdo, sociable fellow and a UNIX evangelist all in one.


Hey @lispydobby
Welcome to the Fedora Community! We are glad to know that you’re a Fedorean since 2018! <3

If you like to start contributing in Fedora, this link may be helpful


Hello @ugurcansayan ,
Welcome to the discussion area (if a bit late … :grimacing:)

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Doesn’t seem to be a place for personal matters here. I don’t know where to put my question.
Feel free to contact me directly if something is wrong with my contributions.
It’s very clear to me that this is a very subjective topic and I don’t want to end up in the gossip press. That’s why I did not post the details here.

Just as a comment. Not sure how this was meant.

There is an Off Topic section, but it’s really meant for more light and fun things. This forum is really for discussing Fedora Linux and the Fedora Project, and isn’t really a good place for broader personal or political topics. There are plenty of other forums for that, as well as wider social media.

However, I have met a few people here and I will certainly not post personal things across other places in the Internet, certainly not on places that I do not know. Should I delete it? No problem. I have just noticed that this is apparently wrong here. Not that there will become an international affair out of it. I was a bit joking here
Due to the relatively high level of mistrust on the part of moderators, you will surely understand that I do not write anything anymore here. Of course, I can well understand your opinions.