Introduce yourself!

My name is Gulshan, I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Information technology, currently in my first year.
The previous year I started learning to program, thanks to this lockdown, At least something good has happened to me.

Yesterday I wrote my first article on PipeWire on my blog, after a suggestion by a community member in the fedora telegram group.

Link to my blog Article on PipeWire -

Please Do check this :slight_smile:


Hi @dulsi ,
Perhaps you could do a magazine article about this topic, I’m sure it would get some readers attention.

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@jakfrost : I did suggest one on Open Source Game Achievements but only got the one +1 from you. I’m still interested in doing a gamin article of some kind but haven’t had a chance to put something together. Maybe focus on particular types of games (puzzle game article, twin stick shooter article, etc.).


Hey folks!

I am introducing mysel a bit too late :smiley: But now I am here. Some of the members of Fedora know me. My name is Andi and I’m from Germany. (FAS: andilinux)
I am a Fedora user and contributor in several Fedora teams/projects (QA, i3-spin, D&I, Fedora Podcast, AskFedora).

I am working as a Freelance (tutor/teacher, some IT stuff). One of my biggest hobbies is gaming and coding.

Welcome to all other new users here in our Fedora community! :slight_smile:




Hey Andi: Nice to meet you here on the discussion board. I remember you from the ask fedora forum. I’m not very active here, at the moment I’m trying to fix the experimental features I recently adjusted in Safari, wondering myself: “What the hell is that setting for?”

I’m trying to get better in coding and have a bunch of books before me on my desk!
Happy welcome!!! :tada: :badminton: :+1:


Hey Ralf: Thx for welcoming me here as well :wink: Yes, we have chatted on AskFedora forum.
I hope you enjoy Fedora and our community :wink: ?
What kind of experimental feature has Safari done?

Don’t get stressed improving your coding skills etc. :slight_smile: Take your time and enjoy coding! :wink:

Happy welcome from me as well!!! :dizzy: :dizzy: :wave:t3: :wave:t3: :tada: :tada: :balloon:


I believe I’m trying to get behind the vulnerabilities behind the webkit engine, but stumbled over some settings I wasn’t aware of. Well, since we are in community for Fedora, I don’t want to make a topic out of it. A bit stress is always useful for me, but at the moment there are a lot of things that need to be done, so I will start with that and enjoy the books afterwards.
I’m running different flavors of Fedora and a long time goal would be a running OpenShift or OKD-cluster, but I’m waiting for the possibility, as announced recently, to build a 1-node cluster, since I’m struggling to get the hardware ready to build a high available fail-over cluster.

The Fedora community is very cool, I like it very much!
Are you using Fedora mainly as a workstation with a desktop-environment?


Ah okay I see :slight_smile: Yea, that’s always good trying to get behind the vulnerabilities.

Which Fedora flavors are you running? OpenShift or OKD-cluster is a good long-term goal. :slight_smile:

Nice to know that you like the Fedora community.

I am using Fedora as my workstation; but I have several other flavors on GNOME Boxes due QA, test-days etc. :slight_smile:
Currently, I switched from GNOME to KDE.


I think XFCE is a good choice for task-oriented admins, and it saves your resources. I tried i3, but right now, I can’t see any time-savings, so I will probably not stay with it. Gnome and KDE are a perfect fit for general purposes. I don’t care so much about the desktop.


XFCE is rock-solid and great to use :wink:
i3-spin - yea we’re going to work and improve it step by step! If you have any ideas or feedback - you can join the i3-spin team or add your ideas on pagure i3-spin.

IMHO every user should use their desktop which fits best.



my name is Rubem and i’m from Portugal. i’ve been a fedora user for almost 4years, using in a dual boot environment. Besides this i work as web developer/ sysadmin.



Happy welcome Rubem. I’m using dual boot as well and it works fantastic for me. Which programming language do u prefer?


@ralfs in the past years i’ve worked mostly with PHP/JS/C#. I like languages like php and c#.


Hey Rubem,

welcome to our Fedora community :slight_smile:


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Hi, my name is Rémi Lauzier.
I am a new fedora packager since a month ago. I use fedora workstation since the fedora next project.
I love been part of the fedora community and love to participate in it. I maintain package and i help with testing new update. Really love to use fedora on my main computer and see that the testing update work like a charm.


Hey @remilauzier

Welcome here in our Fedora community and congrats being a new Fedora packager :wink:



I’ve been programming for over 40 years. I started packaging for Fedora to support the small business using CentOS that I worked for. It was a no brainer to package for Fedora, then add the EPEL packages.

My passion is decentralized networking and apps. I contributed a magazine article on this: Decentralize common apps

As an old programmer, I like the new languages (golang, rust, etc), but hate the fine grained packaging philosophy (1000s of dependencies for a non-trivial app) that makes them so hard to package for Fedora. This will improve when developers using these languages are forced to work offline, with only intermittent internet access. :slight_smile:

That is another reason I love Fedora - it is apocalypse ready (assuming you download all the SRPMs). There used to be a CD/DVD with all the SRPMS with each release. I wonder if you can order a USB stick now? I haven’t checked recently.

Packages I would like to get in Fedora, but are difficult:

  • deltachat (rust - 1000s of dependencies)
  • scuttlebot (nodejs - maybe the new bundle policies will help)
  • ipfs (golang - same drill)

Welcome aboard. @sdgathman

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Welcome @sdgathman

Glad to have you here in our Fedora Community!


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I should have mentioned that I’ve been a contributor for over 10 years - just now getting around to this forum.