Introduce yourself!

Hello all. I am excited to be part of the group. My name is Richard Gregory. I’m from Nigeria. I wish to contribute to Fedora. Thanks for having me :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

I’m Elliott and I’m a Linux engineer that works with RHEL and Fedora. I’m also interested in containers with Podman and IoT related stuff. You can find me on Ask, Discord, and IRC. Check my profile for my screen names there.


Hi all! I have a diverse career background, including things like forensic accounting and SEO. Now I’m working on a career shift into data science. I’m new to Linux, and found Fedora to work better on my laptop than Ubuntu, and I’m enjoying learning it all! Looking forward to taking back control of my computer!


Hi all,

I’m Tom. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science.
I’ve been working full-time for a year now, mostly the DevOps side of things.
For hobbies I like coding and climbing.

I’ve been using Linux for a good 6 years now (I use Arch btw). Recently been looking at
Fedora CoreOS and Fedora Silverblue, along with rpm-ostree and ostree. Those two are very interesting systems!