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Big welcome to our Fedora Community! :slight_smile:
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That’s great! Where do those that report go? I’d love to see it posted to #risc-v here.

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Actually these reports are mainly written in Chinese and they are meant to be posted on social media in China (like WeChat or Zhihu) to give possible RISC-V developers an overview of how well Linux distributions (including Fedora) support RISC-V.

I personally don’t mind to post them to #risc-v here, but since apparently I am not a native English speaker, it could take a while for the translation process.


Names Dave, been using linux since freespire 1. The progression of computers since my linux journey started just seems to obfuscate the reason computers were invented for.

Hi to you all, This is Utkarsh Singh from India. I graduated Last year in Electronics and Communication but like any other computer enthusiast I began to start my coding journey when i was in 6th semester of my college years since then I have landed a job in a IT company working as a OSS community member. My first interaction with linux was Raspberry Pi os based on debian when i was taking my hands on training on IoT devices. Since then i have hoped on many distros but at last recently landed on KDE spin of fedora 36 due to its rolling release nature and flexibility.

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I am Ali. I am a bachelor student of integrated system engineering in South Korea. I have recently moved to fedora 36 from windows11 and now having some issues to deal with

Welcome to the community!

Feel free to put forward your issues at

I’m quite sure we can solve them :slight_smile:

I have already posted there quite some time ago). No solution so far(. I have searched for it but havent found anything

Please focus this topic in the other threads you opened. This is just the water cooler :wink: As far as I can see, you asked yesterday, and the assumption of Scott seems reasonable to me. Based upon the limited indication we have so far, you cannot expect a solution within a few minutes. Even at a paid support I’m not sure if this could be solved that quickly. See you at ask.fp to find a solution there :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’m new here.

I have been using Linux for about a decade now, since abandoning Windows during the Windows 8.1 days. I had heard about it way before though and was always interested, but took the first leap beforehand when I installed OpenSuSE when it was sold on store shelves. After that I used a lot of different Linux and BSD distributions, from OpenBSD to Void Linux. Currently I am running Fedora XFCE spin on an older laptop, Fedora Silverblue on my System76 Lemur Pro and NixOS on my System76 Meerkat(Intel NUC). I have really enjoyed Fedora’s evolution from Fedora Core to now. Ultimately I am interested in helping the Fedora team in any way I can, especially in regards to Silverblue/Kinoite and whatnot.


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Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Linux for almost 15 years, mostly on debian based distributions.
I’m about to install fedora on a freshly built pc and I’m looking forward to it.

Good day everyone!

I’m a former Red Hat support engineer and software engineer. i worked at Red Hat for 6 years, but left a few months ago. So it’s nice to jump back into a Linux community. I’ve been on Linux since 2007, where it was my desire get a Linux job. Eventually became a Linux admin for a few different companies, then got a job at Red Hat as a support engineer. I focused on services, anything above Kernel, but not specialty programs like Shift or web servers or middleware or anything like that. While there I kind of focused on systemd and plumbing. So if anyone has questions around it, I’m pretty comfortable there, including working with Red Hat’s plumber’s group actively.

Been running Fedora for I don’t even know how long, 10 years plus.

I’m a believer in decentralization and FOSS. Including things like Matrix, Owncast, Mastodon, Fediverse in general, etc.

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Hello everyone,

I am a former Ubuntu/Windows user, who has taken the plunge going all in on Fedora 36.

Ive used linux on/off for a few years. Firm believer in FOSS and privacy/security and having control or being able to consent on the use of your data…

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