Introduce yourself!

Hello there!

I’m Juan Carlos, a sociologist, tech-journalist and content creator from Caracas, Venezuela. I’m not from a tech background, but I’ve always been a tech enthusiast… and as such, I’ve been making tech-related Youtube videos (in Spanish) for the last ten years.

My Linux journey is just getting started, but has many years in the making. I’ve been aware of Linux since the late 90’s when the only “big” players were RedHat (it was just Red Hat Linux) and SUSE. Live sessions were not a thing yet, and my father used our home’s PC for his work as a lawyer, so I didn’t install that SUSE Linux CD I got in one computer expo (circa 1998)

Many years later, when I was doing my MBA, my Strategy and Structure Professor was a FOSS enthusiast (“I’m just miserable, I don’t like to pay for software” – he said) and, besides Linux (he was using Ubuntu) he showed me some free alternatives to productivity software, like OpenOffice… Usually, down here, the alternative for paid software lies on the high seas, if you know what I mean :pirate_flag:.

A couple of years later, I went to pick up my then-girlfriend from her office. She was in the middle of some situation and I had to wait a bit… she pointed me to an abandoned computer in the corner of her office, it looked like the others but, as she told me, no one wanted to use it because no one undertood how… Surprise! It was running Ubuntu 11.04. I sat down and sarted to use it… and I loved it!

Fast forward to six months ago. I have been using my sister’s old 2007 iMac for basic productivity. It didn’t update since El Capitan (MacOS 10.11) and support has dropped out eniterly… to the point that it was a pain to even browse the web. Between this and the requirements to upgrade from Win10 to Win11 it felt like Microsoft and Apple were saying: “Just buy a new computer, you miserable!” - So I did the best I could do: Install Linux on this old iMac.

I installed Pop!_OS 21.04 and it was the step I needed to take in order to fall into this wonderful rabbithole. Desktop environments have been a long way since the days of Unity, and GNOME never looked better. Working on the command line was quite easy – for someone who started using a PC back in the days when Windows was just a DE installed on top of MS-DOS. Needless to say, the ride was exiting.

I grabbed all the old USB drives I had in hand to make my “Distro (hopping) Kit” so I could live-test many distros on my laptop: Ubuntu, Manjaro, Elementary, Linux Mint and, of course, Fedora. I even installed Elementary on the fist-gen Intel Compute Stick I have as a glorified media centre on my living room. Fedora was a close-second candidate… I love the clean cutting-edge implementation, but it needed more atention than I was willing to give to the compute stick. However, I’m upgrading my laptop (an SSD, new kewboard, new battery and, since is an old Pentium P6200, it can be replaced with a Core i7), it will take some time but I’m installing Fedora for sure.

There are some intangibles that most analyst and youtubers don’t consider when evaluating a Linux distro: Community support is the most important. Last weekend (April 1st and 2nd) I attended my fisrt Fedora community event: The Mentor Summit. All I can say is that I loved the vibe and energy of the community and I’ve been wanted to know more and get closer since.

And that brings me here.


Hi everyone!

I’m Anushka(, a self-taught product designer from India. I’m currently an undergrad at IIT Roorkee. I’ve been a UX designer professionally for almost a year now, with past intern experiences at Razorpay and Swiggy. I love making art on the side.

Design in open source communities has caught my eye lately. I’m exploring ways to contribute to open source for personal satisfaction and professional growth, so I applied to Outreachy, and I’m excited to contribute to fedora!

It’s taking me time to ingest all the vast new information I’ve learned in the past few days. I’ve never used Open source software but learning about its history, evolution, and future goals makes me want to support it more than ever!

Here’s a conversation I’m involved in right now: Redesign Docs front page layout- Outreachy Project 2022 (Help required)


Hi team!

My name’s Niko and I’m a software engineer from California. I’m really into sustainability and am working on a consumer bank that funds clean energy at and a tool to help you find electric car leases at

I’ve been a Linux enthusiast for years, recently switched to Fedora on my work and home laptops (to avoid the horrible service-ization on MacOS).

Nice to meet everyone!


Welcome! We bought an EV (not with your tool — sorry!). It’d be interesting to see what kind of sustainability stories we could showcase with Fedora IoT.

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Awesome! Hope the EV’s working out for you!

I’ve actually been messing around with Fedora IoT/arm on a side project of mine (solar performance tracking). But so far it’s just a side project.

ATMOS is the only sustainability story I know so far that’s built on Fedora :), but I’ll keep an ear out for IoT sustainability stories to share!


I’m Snehit Sah. Had my first touch with Linux in 2014, became part time user from 2016 (Ubuntu) and full time since 2019. I’m on the Endeavour OS Team, helping out with Community Editions, testing and feedback. I recently started contributing to KDE by packaging their applications on Flathub. Hoping to something similar for Fedora :wink:

PS. I’d like to intern at Red Hat :slight_smile:



I’m Brian, a Linux user since the early 90’s, former packager and supporter of Sabayon Linux, former co-founder and lead developer of Liquid Lemur Linux, former Software Engineer for Peppermint OS, and former PKGBUILD maintainer for Crux. I am currently a Principal Architect at Red Hat where I have been employed since 2018.

I can be found working with customers on their Open Transformation journeys, designing and implementing hybrid cloud container platforms, hacking on CI/CD pipelines, defining GitOps delivery methodologies, abusing container technologies, and doing my best to automate everything in the hopes of making developer, infra, and ops engineer lives easier.

I currently run Fedora 35 i3 spin on my work laptop and a mix of RHEL CoreOS and Fedora CoreOS on my home lab nodes; themselves a mix of stripped down laptops and rack servers, as well as raspberry pi 400s (also running Fedora CoreOS).

I don’t currently work on Fedora as part of my day job at Red Hat, but I am looking for where I might be interested and able to lend some of my personal time to a Fedora related project or initiative.


My name is Riya Bisht. I am a first-year undergrad student studying Computer Science Engineering.
Currently exploring different Linux Distributions and wanna try Fedora. The reason why I am here is to learn something new. This will be my first Linux community where I would like to contribute and learn from different peope and make some cool friends >_<
Arigato Gozaimasu!


Heya! I’m Ben - I’ve been using Linux for quite a while, my first distro was Fedora 18 on a raspberry pi and I currently run Fedora 35 Workstation. I’m currently a maths student and I’m looking to get involved and give back to something I’ve used for so long.


hello guys I’m daner I came here from ubuntu to learn more about linux possibly. I not sure what I’ll do later in life with it but oh well thanks for having me.


Hi I’m Jason, I have been using Fedora off and on since FC1, but haven’t really been stable on it since the last 2 years, mainly because microsoft has decided my computer is no longer eligible for upgrades, techs too old, but it runs just fine, and I’m not about to drop a lot of money on a new box just to keep up. (I’m a little worried Fedora is heading the same way) but I love using linux and although I switched to mint and manjaro for short periods, Fedora is my fave.


Hi, I’m Jonas. I’m 20 yo. I have CP (Cerebral Palsy). I cannot speak with my mouth and therefore use a computer to speak. I was the first student in Denmark to graduate on normal terms from a (tech-oriented) high school.
I’ve begun developing an AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) FOSS project to replace my Windows KVM on my laptop.
I started using Linux about 9 months ago on my desktop and fell in love with Fedora after distro-hopping for about 3 months.
About a month ago, I felt comfortable enough to use Fedora on my laptop with a KVM for my AAC-program (my FOSS AAC project is still very much in unusable state).
The experience on my ROG G14 on Fedora is so much better than Windows. Fedora. Just. Works.

PS. I’d love to intern at Redhat when the time comes! :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Joseph! I’m still new to Fedora and Linux, but I’ve been engaged in how Fedora runs as an open source project and would like to help any small way I can (probably just fixing typos and such).

I’ve been into tech for a while, but only jumped into the Linux world in the last few months. My hope is to just lurk for a bit and continue to learn so that at some point I can actually contribute something meaningful.

I’ve got a Bachelors in Marketing and worked on extracurricular marketing projects in college. I worked as an IT recruiter for a little (please forgive me) before transitioning into a data analyst job, meaning I work a lot with Excel. I’m also curious about online communities, ways of organizing teams to be effective, and editing wikis here and there.

If any of these things sound like they could be used, feel free to let me know, though I will be the first to try to manage expectations! I’d like to help but don’t want to sell myself too highly.

Anyway, hello. :slight_smile:



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Hello all!

My name is Eric the IT Guy Hendricks, and I am a technical contributor at Red Hat. I help write What’s New content, feature and use case blogs, among other projects.

I am working to get more engaged with the Fedora Community and wanted to put my marketing, technical, and presentation skills to good use.

I’m a long time Fedora admirer both on Server and Workstation. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.


Hey, you’re the guy who did the Red Hat interview with Matthew Miller! That video is what sent me down the rabbit hole of the Fedora community, so thanks for that!


Sorry not sorry :grin:

The was a great interview. I learned a lot prepping for it myself and honestly, chatting with Matthew is what encouraged me to actively participate in the Fedora Community!


Hi Fedorians,
In one of the sessions you guys wanted more video editors for your YouTube channel, I can help you with video editing, I make content Linux content in Arabic. I do simple editing nothing mind blowing. My channel link:

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