Introduce yourself!

Here we go and greetings from Norway :slight_smile:

I’m originally from Germany but moved to Norway for many years ago.
I’m an inspector for electrical installations. Thus, the energy is under my control :smiley:

I startet with Fedora Core 4. I tested SuSE Linux, Debian and Ubuntu but went back again to Fedora. I followed Fedora through every release :slight_smile: From Fedora 26 and above the Fedora Server Edition became interesting to me. I played around with Centos but the packages wasn’t not up to date enough over the time. I decided to give the Fedora’s Server Edition a try. And yeah, Fedora 33 Server Edition runs almost satisfied. I am struggling with some challenges which I will hopefully find solutions her?
For the rest there’s my family and when I’ve a little bit of sparetime I like to design something with Blender and E-on Software VUE.

Best regards,


Hey there,

Max here, going by b-m-f on the net for quite a while now.

I am a long time Linux user, closing in on 10 years daily usage.

I had some ISOs back in 2008, but damn I couldnt get things to run that time, and frankly preferred playing Video Games.

2012 was the year I jumped on Linux with Ubuntu. Even worked for Canonical for a while since I had a soft spot because of this.
Anw, jumped distros quite often and my favourite was Arch for a long while.

But these days I need some more stability in my Distro so I can focus on the stuff I want to get done, instead of debugging weird bleeding edge bugs all just for my own machine.
Id rather do this as a team :slight_smile:

So that’s why I am here now. Loved Fedora when I used it before, installed it in 10 Minutes!! with encrypted BTRFS, and my oh my, the new Gnome paired with an Apple Touchpad 2? DREAM.

Maybe I will find a nice niche I can help out in. Containers are kind of a huge thing in my field of work, so I might take a closer look!

Last but not least you can check my website as well, which should be an indication as to my real life location :smiley:

See you around :100:


Cool, welcome!

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It’s… been a long time.

I signed up way too late to get my old IRC handle mkj here. And I’m no longer so young as to want to use michaelkjohnson though you might recognize that from email if you’ve been around for a long time. I was a relatively early Red Hatter and did plenty of early work on Red Hat Linux. One of my first big projects was adding PAM across the distribution, which involved finishing the implementation enough to use and then “pamifying” everything that did authentication.

When Red Hat decided to stop work on Red Hat Linux and build only Red Hat Enterprise Linux, I articulated the value to Red Hat of a true community-driven distribution, without which RHEL would wither, but with which Red Hat would build relevance for RHEL and Red Hat more generally, and which could enable a much larger and more active community than RHL had ever done. One which would enable development leadership outside of Red Hat. One in which decisions didn’t need to be driven by Red Hat. One which could move faster than RHL had ever done, and dare new things; separating the senses of “stable” — allowing Red Hat to focus on the “minimizing change” connotation for RHEL, but retaining Red Hat’s expectations for the “not breaking” connotation for high quality. One that could evolve in ways I didn’t know yet.

I had what is now @mattdm 's job for Fedora Core 1.

But I burned out getting Fedora started, and left Red Hat. I then tried something new with ewt and msw. rPath, the company we started together, didn’t survive, but I think some of the ideas we came up with influenced packaging expectations and I’m still proud of the technology we built there. I learned a lot.

I showed up at I think a FUDcon years ago in RH’s Centennial Campus office (I don’t even remember what year that was), and someone took a picture of past-and-present FPLs. I don’t recall that I ever got a copy of the picture, though it’s probably somewhere on the internet. And of course, now there can never be another one. :cry:

I’ve been lurking for a long time. I’m likely to keep lurking mostly. But I’m still proud of the work I did, and it’s not clear to me that anything like Fedora would have happened without me.

I still run Fedora as my daily driver, both at home and at work. And I’m still grateful that Fedora is, and that it is what it is: A community.

So, Hi! :wave:


Thank you for showing up! It is so cool to see that the connections are preserved and people are hanging around Fedora for such long time, no matter their jobs and changes in life. It is very important to feel this continuity.

It is also very inspiring to work together with people whose names I learned from the mailing list archives. Like: hey, they are not portraits in the gallery, and not just names on the mailing lists, they are real people, and you can say “Hi” to them.

Hi! :wave:


Hi @mcdanlj and welcome! It’s great to see you there. I think we met at that FUDCon. Sorry about your username … I’m surprised you don’t have that from Back In The Day. Oh well. :slight_smile:


We did in fact meet then! I wish I even knew who to ask about that photo though… Last photo with me and gafton both in it.

Back in the day, I was burnt out and taking a break. After that, not signing up was just inertia. New username is fine; mkj is taken everywhere else anyway! :relaxed:


Hello everyone,

My name is Hari Rana, also known as TheEvilSkeleton, but you can call me Tesk, Skelly or TheEvilSkely.

I’m really excited to be part of Fedora Friends! I’ve been using GNU/Linux for around 3 years, from Ubuntu to Manjaro, Pop!_OS, Arch, Gentoo, NixOS, Fedora Workstation and finally Fedora Silverblue.

I don’t have much experience with Linux in general, since I’ve been using it for 3 years. I try my best to learn as much as I can so I can contribute back what I’ve learned. I mostly contribute to documentation, since it’s one of the places where free and open source software (FOSS) falls behind, but also because it’s where I am very good at.

I recently started playing with containers because I use Silverblue on both my laptop and desktop, and I am enjoying it a lot.

I have some knowledge with Flatpak. I maintain 6 Flatpak apps currently. I am on the process of rewriting most of Flatpak’s docs because it lacks clearance and it can be difficult to understand its documentation.

On a personal note, I am a 19 year old “student”. I’m quoting “student”, since I stopped attending to classes because I couldn’t concentrate anymore due to stress and pressure in relation to COVID, exams and assignments. Instead of doing nothing during the time, I decided to join Fedora Friends, Fedora Magazine and QA to contribute more to FOSS and collaborating with people around the world, and be part of the Year of the Linux Desktop™. I’m male.

I wish to work at Red Hat (yes, even after IBM acquired it), SUSE or any FOSS company that hires people as technical writer (though I’d prefer Red Hat the most).

Sorry for the long intro. I write a lot :P. Hello again everyone!


Welcome, Tesk!

It is never enough technical writers in open source projects, so you have plenty of possibilities to contribute :slight_smile:


Luna Jernberg (bittin) a Swedish Fedora tester, 30 year old and a general GNU/Linux geek


Welcome to the homeland mate!

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Salutations, Skelly and good luck with your goals!

Sooo, now that I’m on here too I guess I can also leave a word or two.

I am one of the founders of the Linux Café Discord Server.
I’ve been a Linux enthusiast for easily 15 years now, who finally made the move from macOS as my main system about four years ago. I’ve been using openSUSE Tumbleweed ever since.

I am relatively well versed in BTRFS, Docker, Systemd-Nspawn and Virtualisation.
Fedora-wise I’ve tried my hand at all Fedora distros.
The only one I’ve ended up actually using however has been Silverblue so far. Mainly because it’s ideal for rarely used devices with a narrow use-case, as the immutability and image-style auto-updates reduce the likelihood of breakage on infrequent updates a lot.
Like Skelly I’m also a fan of flatpak and have moved most all of my applications from normal packages to flatpaks.

As for why I joined here:
I’ve always enjoyed helping people learn about what their systems can actually do and how to make use of all that potential. So using this platform to share my knowledge would be something I’d like to do.

P.S.: Cheers @refi64 wouldn’t have expected you to have actually started this thread guess you really are everywhere^^

Edit: I’d also like to use this chance to request access to Fedora Magazine. Thx.


Access for writing articles? For that, the magazine is open, but you should follow the Magazine’s workflow. It looks long, but it’s quite easy and fast.


Hi all,

I am Marko, from Croatia. This is my first time using Fedora. Before I used for few years Manjaro (Arch based) and some Ubuntu distros.
Today I installed Fedora 34 and I am really satisfied. No issues with the installation, all good , smooth :slight_smile:
I have Master of Ecoengineering. I ditched Windows and switched on linux. Linux is far better in many terms ( you all know this ).
I love pets ( have ferret and 2 dogs) , walking, reading and technology. :slight_smile:


Share pet on the pet post!
And Hello here!


my name is Patrick Frank, I am 46 years old and live in Germany.

Using computers (mainly desktops) is a hobby and maybe a passion, too. For sad reasons I am not enjoying to search for proper algorithms to all kinds of problems. It ruins my mood. For me, a computer is a tool that supports me in my attempt to interact with other humans. For example, showing a feature of a software to somebody who is well receiving. That is great fun for me.

I don’t think that my mental health situation and my skills allow, that I become a contributor or developer. In certain moods I even doubt that I qualify to be an admin of my own computers. I hope most people are able to tolerate my ways. When not then please drop me a message with your feedback :smile:

Happy times,


Hi, my name is Ralf. I’m from Germany, and already posted some stuff on other Fedora channels, without introducing myself, so I assume a short introduction is appropriate.
I’m currently tinkering around with some older computers and servers, trying to build something useful. I’m enjoying the different channels that help me in building a useful infrastructure but soon realized that it will take more time that I planned.

I have some programming experience in C++ and C#, and trying to improve here, but right now, time and quietness is quite lacking, so I’m more occupied with administration. To be honest, there is more than enough to do, and if I ever will finish my work…(that’s really too far away to think about that)
I’m spending much time in reading developer books or guidelines and unfortunately the time for implementation is lacking very often, but I assume that most people know what I’m talking about.

So far, so good. I will get in touch with topics here from time to time.

Best regards,

EDIT: By the way, I think that I don’t understand Inter-process-Communication very well, so, this would be a fantastic area for improvement. I think I have a few books where the subject is described a bit, nevertheless I would be thankful for a reading tip, especially having troubleshooting in mind.


My name is Gulshan, I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Information technology, currently in my first year.
The previous year I started learning to program, thanks to this lockdown, At least something good has happened to me.

Yesterday I wrote my first article on PipeWire on my blog, after a suggestion by a community member in the fedora telegram group.

Link to my blog Article on PipeWire -

Please Do check this :slight_smile:


Hi @dulsi ,
Perhaps you could do a magazine article about this topic, I’m sure it would get some readers attention.

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@jakfrost : I did suggest one on Open Source Game Achievements but only got the one +1 from you. I’m still interested in doing a gamin article of some kind but haven’t had a chance to put something together. Maybe focus on particular types of games (puzzle game article, twin stick shooter article, etc.).

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