Introduce yourself!

This thread is a centralized place where you can say hello to the Fedora community! Feel free to introduce yourself here or check out who all the other awesome people here are.

I’ll go first: I’m Ryan, have been using Linux for around 5 years and Fedora Silverblue on my main (err, only) computer for almost a year now. I’m one of the moderators of the Fedora Discord server, apparently known as the systemd and Chrome mega-fan (/shrug). Right now I’m still a college student, but my dream is to eventually either work at Red Hat or Google (which is kinda polar opposites I guess).



Hi, my name is Ondra. Two weeks ago I graduated from high school, the next step is CS course at a college. I’ve been using Fedora Workstation since version 25 and before that I tinkered with most distros out there. I love music, books (fantasy, sci-fi,…) and some mangas. Few days ago I got an internship at RedHat :drooling_face:.


Thanks for kicking this off @refi64! I love this idea. :smile: And hi to both of you, @refi64 @harrymichal!

My name is Justin. I am a final-year undergrad student studying Networking and Systems Administration. You can get to know me a little better by looking at my website and reading my blog. I have used Fedora since Fedora 20, which was my first Linux distribution. I was 16 when I first started using Linux. A lesser-known fact about me is my first experience using Linux was SSHing into a CentOS 6 server with the goal of setting up my Minecraft server (don’t ask how bad security was). :see_no_evil: When I first came to Fedora, I came as a user, but now I stay for the community. :smile: (Okay, and still the distro too!)

Nowadays, I focus on community and project management type of work. Here on Fedora Discussions, I occasionally help as a moderator mostly for the CommOps team. Looking forward to seeing all of you folks around on the forums! :wave:


My Name is Chris, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science but didn’t build much of a portfolio, so I’m working for a PC Repair/Business Services shop while I work on some personal projects and polish up some old school assignments to build up more of a portfolio.

My earliest exposure to Linux was actually a long time ago. I think it was Fedora, but I’m honestly not sure. No idea which version it would’ve been. All I remember was Audio and Video were a trainwreck to get working so back to Windows I went. The first time I was ever successful with Linux was during College when I tried Arch. The manual install and minimal base install helped to get me familiar with the way Linux worked and it finally pushed me over the fence. Since then I have mainly run Arch, Solus, Elementary, Ubuntu and back to Fedora (about a month before the release of Fedora 30). I’ve since settled on Fedora Silverblue, as the container based workflow has proven useful while I’ve worked on personal projects and such.


Hi everyone!

My name is Engie, and I am a DevOps Technical Advisor. I am also a certified RHCSA but never had time to make it an RHCE :smile: My home country is Egypt and I have been passionate about Linux since we had Fedora Core 3. Both my work and personal laptops have fedora 29 and 30, and I hope I can become a good and reliable citizen in the fedora community.

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