Introduce yourself! (2023 Q2)

Hi Everybody,

Happy Q2 2023! I wish everyone a better quarter than the previous one.

It is 2023-04-01 00:00:01 UTC, time for a new thread to mark the start of Q2!

Looking forward to learn more about you, and the release of Fedora 38 soon.

Continuing the discussion from Introduce yourself! (2023 Q1):


Thanks for getting this started :wink: I wish you a good quarter too!


Hi @sampsonf and everyone!

My name is Ahmed Farrag. I’m an avid user of Fedora since Fedora Core 1. Back in college, I organized two Fedora promoting install fests. I contribute by translating Fedora into Arabic.

Currently, I’m pursuing my PhD in Computer Science in Canada.

Happy to be a member of this vibrant welcoming community :blush:


So, let me introduce on a better place than a random topic. I am a visually impaired Linux user, now working at Red Hat fixing all related primarily to a11y for the visually impaired. I’m mostly using Fedora and Arch Linux, when I can choose, servers are more variet, though.


Hi! I’m erus, I’ve been a Fedora user since long time ago and now I’m trying not to get discourage by using Silverblue, (I still have Fedora workstation in my main laptop), it hasn’t been easy but I keep trying :blush:


Despite my April Fool’s Post, I am still around. We just welcomed our fourth child into the world five days ago, so I might not be around as much this quarter as I’m busy raising up a hopeful future generation of Williams Fedora users.

As a bonus, my wife and I didn’t plan this, but we ended up showing up to the hospital with our Linux swag. I brought a Fedora branded hospital bag and my wife wore a Red Hat jacket.


Hi, I’m Jonathan and I’m a long time Fedora user and Linux sysadmin. I’ve been a long time member of the mailing lists and hope to continue to find interesting discussions here.

My interests include Ansible, Fedora’s kickstart, GNOME software, and enterprise scale linux desktops.


I’m simmon!

I’m doing the translation work for fedora, and I’m using KDE for Fedora 38 server.

Anyway, have fun with Fedora ^^


Welcome SImmon, what a surprise we have something in common - KDE Plasma, server user and polyglot. I wasn’t aware of translation work for Korean. Thanks for your contribution and keep up the good work and enjoy.


Have a nice day!

Many people are working on Fedora translations. It has contributors, including localization and language-specific support areas, also fedora-web page, to facilitate language-specific understanding for fedora OS.

The translation application requested earlier has been applied, and the Korean setting Fedora Linux | The Fedora Project has been completed. Thank you for your help and interest.

Additionally, I wish the automatic language conversion was a bit smoother.

Have a wonderful day.

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Please reach out to localization team for that.

Some of conversion needs to be verified by people who know how the term is actually used in industry and by the press. For example, immutable OS is not yet in circulation as Korean translation among Korean tech community, even RedHat Korea does not translate that yet.

So it is sometimes beyond the machine’s territory and literal translation could look strange. We can chat separately on this in Matrix localization chat room if you want. Have fun!

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Dear @hankuoffroad

The corresponding immutable OS has already been translated, and I think it will be applied after a certain period of time. I think that…!

I also understand that it’s related to smooth transitions, and I’m aware of specifying an additional language selection for user choice. no problem.

I think the support for the fedora translation work for the past 2 years, really I had a fun, honorable time.

Have a wonderful time with fedora!

by simmon
L10N Korea Team

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Hello, I’m TravisFW everywhere I can choose the name, also on fosstodon. I just went to IIW and I’ll be going to Strange Loop later, I like to write Kotlin for the JVM, fiddle with boolean expressions in SQL, and remind people they shouldn’t be using facebork. Also I write a lot of Bash and run Fedora on my ThinkPad X1 and virtual instances.

I’m looking into building a pragmatic and agile personal information management system that integrates with, and depends on, Linux systems, and provides a little more solace from app hell.


Hey there! I’m Sir RaptaG, a random guy from Greece who loves FLOSS & Minecraft. I’ve been using Linux for about 2.5 years and switched to Fedora about 4 days ago :sweat_smile:

Currectly, I’m developing a Minecraft modpack and I try to fix this bug: Windows go behind Latte even though it's set to Always Visible


What aspects have been difficult for you? I was going to ask if it was the Gnome DE (something I struggled with until installing so many extensions I had “deprecated menus or panels” dragging behind my terminal like a rusty muffler “fixxed” with a hanger… so after an intervention with myself, I switched over to Kionite shortly after going all in on the “quasi-immutable” container ish) but I remembered you mentioned using Workstation on your other machine (and didn’t append with kde, mate’, or etc…) so must be something about the “containerized” nature of it, or the eccentric file sys (/home as toolbox flop house? lol) or ostree? What is causing friction? and what purpose (s) (design tools, a coding dev env, gaming, etc?) would an ideal environment facilitate? LMK if you want. I’m no expert but have been surprised by how much I’ve gotten along with this “Edge Native” experiment since full time adoption, so maybe I can share something useful…


Hi all, I see I haven’t introduced myself here although I’ve been somewhat active in the Fedora space already.
I’m Eric and I’ve been a Linux user since '99. Also make content on Linux on my channel. Specifically video’s on i3-spin and also Linux basics series. For the rest I like to tinker a with color-schemes using Pywal and Python. I love the Fedora community! In case you are wondering here is my channel TesterTech - YouTube please feel free to subscribe for Fedora/i3/Linux content and hope to connect more in the future.


I’ve been a Linux user since 2008.
I started with Ubuntu, then I tried Fedora,
and after a lot of distro hopping,
Fedora 38 with Gnome 44
is the OS of my every-day laptop.
I simply love it.

In my avatar photo, you can see me using
Fedora 32 bit
on my Asus Eee PC, more than a decade ago.


Thanks for that video on the Fedora i3 Spin!

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You’re very welcome!

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