Introduce yourself! (2023 Q1)

There is this Matrix channel for folks who are new and looking to contribute. They can help you get connected.

But you could probably skip right to the QA Team’s Matrix channel and ask in there how you can contribute!


Sweet!! Thank you! I can’t wait to get started! :smile:


Hi there, I am Gemma I have been a software developer in the Microsoft world since 1995 but when I am not at work I use Linux, since about 1993 ± a bit. I have used many distros over the years and have been using Fedora since 34. Yeah I like it a lot and have it on 3 of 4 computers. The other one has 2GB ram so I have to use something lighter there. I have joined many Linux forums for each distro as I passed through, but for Fedora it’s hard to find something to say. I don’t really have any issues and it just sort of works. I mean I don’t join a forum for my kitchen sink as that also sort of just works. So just here to say ‘Hi’ really and see if anyone else says anything interesting. Thanks to the devs and keep up the good work.



What’s awesome is with distros like Fedora, it’s awesome to hop on a forum and saw ‘yay, things work, and thank you devs!’ Those posts are just as important as the ones that let devs know what isn’t working as it should - maybe even more important as far as motivation and morale goes!


Correction, since 2003

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Given the first kernel was released 1991, that would have made you quite the nerd :nerd_face:.


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