Introduce yourself! (2022)

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Hi everybody, becoming more aware of this platform after noting references to this on ask. Happy to introduce myself here, I guess my first intro within the Fedora community.

I recall my first Linux use and floppy disks and CDs, SuSE and Redhat in the 1990s; 1.5 decades of Darwin followed; but since 2015 I am back in the Linux world, using Fedora since then, on laptops and desktop machines. I do not develop software, but am involved with testing some open source software that I use for my everyday research – JabRef and QualCoder.

I am social scientist, researching data infrastructures, practices and labour, and all kinds of messy socio-technical relations – specifically with an interest in so-called sustainability transitions. Offline, I engage with my kid and local community issues in Berlin, Germany.

I look forward to participating more here on discussion, and elsewhere across the distributed Fedora servers.


Hello everybody

This is my second introduction today, as I was writing to the #docs mailing list to try to begin contributing back with something to the open source / free software community. While I was setting up my PGP keys with, I got to see some messages talking about the mailing list moving to here.

Perfect timing!

So here’s a bit of my background: I have been using GNU/Linux since 1998 in the university. It has always been at hand, and currently Fedora is my daily driver. The time for me to contribute back has come, and after learning about the culture at the Fedora Project, I decided to start at the documentation side of things. I think contributing to the documentation may be a good start to learn more about specific projects, and see how can I do more in the future.

In the past I had contributed to the Raspberry Pi Foundation translating some Python learning material to Spanish (Spain), as I am Spanish but living in Australia since 2017.

Looking forward to learn to be helpful, and start participating.


my name is Florian, I am a family dad, Consulting Engineer, globetrotter, electronics hobbyist, and enthusiastic Fedora user - just an end-user, not a software developer.
I have acquired skills to set up and program PLCs and HMIs for industrial process automation years ago, and I love tinkering with Raspberry Pis.

I have been contributing to the Fedora Project as a translator for German (zanata and Gnome Damned Lies), as well as tiny contributions in the Docs team. Besides that, I am active in the previous and current ask forum ( supporting other end-users fix their issues with Fedora Linux.

I first got in touch with Linux around 1998 (SuSE 5 on 6 CDs in cardboard box) just for the fun of playing around with it. At university, in the early 2000s, the computer lab was equipped with Debian and KDE, as far as I remember, which was great at that time.

I discarded Win OS’ from MS on personal machines switching to only-Linux in 2006 (Ubuntu), and I am a happy Fedora user since F18 (oh gosh, time flies). To be honest, my workstation is dualboot, I run a Win10 machine to play X-Plane 11 and MSFS 2020.
Unfortunately my office machines have never been Linux machines (too much MS Office and way too much special software that doesn’t exist for GNU Linux). That’s why my laptop has a Win10 VM, which I sometimes have to use for the Win-only stuff, mainly MS Office.

My DE of choice has always been Gnome. I’ve tried a few others and I keep trying them (once a year or so) but Gnome seems to suit me best.

Some of other open source projects I love, use and follow: Volumio OS, Pi-Hole, OpenWRT, Freifunk, FreeNAS, …

What else? Thank you Fedora Community, Fedora Contributors and developers for providing the best desktop distro I know of!


Hi all! I believe the #docs mailing list has been moved to here, so I’m adding my quick introduction: my name is Camila Granella, I am based in Curitiba, Brazil. Currently, I am working as an Associate Manager for the Community Platform Engineering team at Red Hat, but I have started as a support technician and a technical translator. I have a couple of college degrees, one in History and the other one in Computer Systems Analysis and Development. I’ve been using Fedora on my personal laptop for ~6 years now. I would love to contribute with anything docs related, and with translations - primarily Brazilian Portuguese, but I am also comfortable with French and Spanish. Looking forward to start contributing!


Hello Community!!!

My name is Jason Beard, I’m a father of recently entered college student, husband, and geek. I’ve been in IT one way or another for the past 25+ years. Until my recent job change I was a Linux Administrator for 10 years.

My hobbies include video games, smoking BBQ, gardening, and any DIY project around the house. My video gaming hobby has taken a recent turn as my wife and I have started getting into the retro gaming. My desktop computer is dual boot with Fedora and the other OS I won’t talk about. I still use for a few games. I have a home lab with various computers and flavors of Linux. (Mostly RHEL based.)

Since my new job doesn’t require me to work a ton of overtime I’ve decided to see what all this open source is about. I’ve been using it for years without contributing back and I figured it was time. I may not be a programmer but I can do all kind of other things.

I look forward to contributing and learning new things. I adapt to change and I’m sure someone can find something for me to do. :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’m sure we can find something, indeed. If you need some ideas, we can hook you up with the Join Fedora folks to get started…


Hello! I’m a long-time open source contributor in lots of different roles, but hadn’t been a regular Fedora user until recently… because I joined the RHEL Program Management team at Red Hat :slight_smile:

Now I’m a ‘daily driver’ user of Fedora, and of course I also want to lurk and see what is going on in the Fedora community since whatever happens there will eventually makes its way into CentOS and RHEL too.


Awesome — great see you here! It’s always nice to have people from the downstream product side actively participating!

Hello all!

After some time lurking I decided it is time to introduce myself. :slight_smile:

I’m Damian, I’ve been using Fedora (first spins, now Workstation) off-again-on-again since Beefy Miracle time, or at least that’s the first release I can recall.

I work in a, broadly speaking, IT field, but I have background in linguistics (Hungarian linguistics less broadly). Free time for me is either with a good book (fiction and non-fiction alike), being true to the fact that people are social animals (although the pandemic is making it harder) or rewatching the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the I-don’t-even-remember-which time. I reside in Hungary (living expat life), originally from Poland.


Hi everyone!

My name is Nick and I’ve been a Linux user for a little over 3 years. I got started managing RHEL and CentOS servers at my work and quickly moved my home computers over to Linux. I’m a programmer and system admin who’s interested in contributing back to Open Source. At my work I do a lot of Python programming, RPM packaging, server management, and lately have been doing a lot of work with rpm-ostree.

I’m interested in joining Fedora because I really enjoy Linux and programming and would like to be able to contribute and be a part of this community. I look forward to contributing and working with this great group of people!


Hi team,

My name is Ferran but you can call me torrafa, i’m from Barcelona so my timezone is UTC+2. I started to using linux as my prefered Os about 10 years ago but I’m very new on fedora family. I start to using fedora like a year ago, Since then I take RHCSA and RHCE.

In my free time I love to travel (when It’s possible due COVID), hike and enjoy live

In techie perspective I’m interested on virtualitzation storage and automation.

I’m interested in joining Fedora because I really enjoy Linux and I want to return something to the community. I think the Fedora project is the best place to collaborate.


My name is Clinton. I am a Fedora AND Linux user only since September of 2021! I loved Fedora 34 immediately (now using 35) and I am married to Linux since Fedora introduced me to her! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Why did I take a look at Fedora? I want to be more independent of the high tech conglomerates for many reasons. Open Source seems most moral and personal to me. I have no issue with paying for things on principle alone, but with commerce comes responsibility which I feel the biggest companies have abused.
My long term goal is to use GTK as part of my software development. I am learning C coding. I want to support Linux as far upstream as I personally can. These are the reasons why I love Fedora!


Hello. I’m Patrick and I have been using GNU/Linux for about 12 years, since 2010. It actually started with me getting my first PC which had Windows XP on it and a few months after I started using it I got a virus and lost everything. Didn’t really have a product key and it was a used PC so I looked online for free OS because I didn’t want to buy Windows and I found GNU/Linux. I started with Ubuntu then Linux Mint, debian, Archlinux and then Fedora. Fedora has become my favourite distro, I love everything about it and it always ran very well on my hardware. Other than that I like coding, especially game development which I recently got into and other things I like are anime, books, cooking and digital art. It’s nice to be part of this community. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @konakona,
Welcome to :fedora: discussion area. Glad to have you in the community!


Hello, I am Simeon, an MIS student at a college in Malawi. Been using Linux on and off for about 6 years until 2020 when I jumped ship from Windows. Been distro hopping for about as much until I got to Fedora 34.

I first got my hands on Fedora in a disc sometime back, don’t even remember the version it was, then again with Fedora 32, dropped off again. Then the distro I was using then started acting up, rolling release things. Decided to give Fedora Workstation 34 a chance and I haven’t looked back. Now using Fedora Silverblue and absolutely loving it.


Hey guys, I am Alvin, I would like to say that Fedora has been my favourite distribution since I’ve known Linux Desktop, I am 18 now and it’s great to see the community grow, both here and in Discord. I live in Bangalore and I would love to contribute to the Fedora project soon

Good job to all Fedora project leaders, members and contributors


Also btw, great new design for the website, I like it


Hello I am Lukas aka Luzeal. I have been involved for quite some time in the FOSS world.

I am the creator and maintainer of Phyllome OS, a Fedora Remix targeted at Desktop virtualization.

Happy to be around.


Hi everyone, I am Jack. Installed Fedora Kinoite last year and have been in rapture ever since!

Happy to be part of the community :smile: :fedora:


Hi guys, I’m Eden. I’m a Software Engineer, I work with java during the day and GTK/Vala at night. :slight_smile:
I love Fedora + GNOME. :heart:
I help translate GNOME applications into Brazilian Portuguese and now I’m still looking forward to helping Fedora.