Introduce yourself! (2019)

Kia ora everyone!

My name is Chris and I hail from New Zealand but now live in the US. I am an IT engineer supporting multi-national networks for Government(s). Been a user of Linux from early 2000s and use it at home to power my daily (Fedora) and servers (CentOS); sadly still required to boot up my Windows VM for work.

Recently switched to Silverblue on my daily and must say I was impressed how painless it was setting it up and continues to be during day to day use. Looking forward to the future of the Linux desktop!


Hi all! My name is John. I am based in Virginia, US. I was a CS major that landed a job as a Red Hat Consultant out of college. I worked mostly with Openshift 3.X.

I have been running Linux for ~5 years now. My first interaction with Linux was a Ubuntu VM I setup for a college course that required us to use gcc. I have since found Fedora a nice and comfy home and now have been running Fedora Silverblue on my desktop PC and work laptop for a little over a month.


Hello, my name is Danny and I’m from NY and found you guys by test-driving Silver Blue. I’m a computer hobbyist, who started in tech support at an ISP back in 1993 (SunOS 4.1.3 and solaris) and then transitioned to a cable splicer for NYNEX for 5 years, then a real estate agent/broker for another 10, then a handyman for a few years and now I’m heading into a full-stack developers program. Love *nixs, learning new technologies, helping out and sharing knowledge.


Howdy fellow GNU/Fedora users! My name is Avery. I’ve been using Fedora almost exclusively for almost two years now with only brief interludes of OpenSUSE, Fedora, and CentOS. I’ve decided that I should probably start contributing back to the free software communities that make it possible for me to use my computer how I want to use it. I genuinely love fedora and the community and wanted to become more than just another user.

I’m currently dropping out of a liberal arts college and probably will be getting a tech-related associates degree at my local community college. I figured that getting involved will encourage me to not only improve my existing admin and web dev skills, but hopefully allow me to learn more skills and languages I might not otherwise consider.


Hi, I’m Markus.
I’ve been using Linux since 1995 and since perhaps 2005 professionally.
I remember FC1 and that it might become something good one day, I would say it has.
I will be using Linux until I find something better. By better I mean something more democratic and enabling.


Hi everyone,

My name is Cristian, I’m born in Argentina but been living around Europe for a while now (currently in the Netherlands). It’s hard to remember when I first used Linux, but what I do remember is the excitement of receiving my first copy of Ubuntu in my mail and installing it for the first time. Back then I really didn’t know what I was doing so installing new fonts and icons would break my system often haha. Now, almost a decade later, I work as a Linux Engineer and have 5 years of experience on me. I got certified as a RHCSA and at the moment I’m studying to become a RHCE (and also trying to get certified in AWS but that’s another story).

I thought it might be a good idea to contribute to something I like and project I believe so that’s the reason why I’m here :slight_smile: Although my knowledge is small compared to most of you guys, I’d like to help if given the opportunity and learn at the same time.


Hi, I’m Rodolfo Martínez. I’m from México. I’m a web developer and a Linux lover. I like to participate in innovative projects. I’m interested in personal finance and how we can use it to reach our goals. Thanks to Fedora México for help me to join into Fedora community.

My personal page is:


Hello Fellow Fedora Community members,
I am Alex a.k.a. Ari, I left the MS Windosw world about 11 years ago first for mac for 1 year and about 10 years ago moved to the Linux World, from the start GNOME was familiar since I was Mac user.
For my Personal PC I have used a lot of Linux Distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubutnu, Ubuntu Mate, Pepermint, Linux Mint. Gentoo, Arch, Antegros, Manjaro and last PopOS.
When I get the time and test out all the best game Fedora setups will move 100% to Fedora for my game and entertainment PC (using mostly steam/proton and Netflix, HBO, HULU, and Jellyfin).

Scientific Linux / CentOS Fedora Labs and Fedora Workstation have been my work PC for the last about 5 years and I am happy with it, GNOME is perfect with keyboard shortcuts no need for a mouse, and getting better over the years along with Fedora, yum was and is great dnf is also great.

I always have to PCs for work one with stable CentOS or previously Scientific Linux and the experimental one on Fedora RC or Fedora stable, but recently for the last month I have switched it I use Fedora 30 as primary OS (31 soon) + most of Fedora Labs software (my own mix edit app list).
and as test PC I tried to use Fedora Silverblue and it works wonderful, since at most I need browser for all my work web services and terminal for testing and writing code (MCEDIT).

So just tried Fedora 31 and I believe it is even better and I am impressed with each new version and new release with all the improvements, I cannot wait to upgrade my core work PC to Fedora 31, also Fedora Silverblue is my now GO TO test PC now and I enjoy being part of the bleeding edge of apps.

Wonderful job to the Fedora Devl team on Fedora 31 and Silverblue keep up the wonderful work.
From a happy and fully commuted Fedora user and Community member willing to contribute.

EDIT: Live Long and Prosper :vulcan_salute:


Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce a newly-founded development group based at UMass Lowell in collaboration with Red Hat. Our goal is to improve Fedora usability on the Raspberry Pi platform.

We are:

Joel Savitz (@theyoyojo)
Fabrizio D’Angelo
Christopher Odom
Adam Espinola
C. Erastus Toe


Hey everyone!
My name is Amber and I have completed my Associate’s in Computer Science. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s and I only have two years left! I have experience in Python, Java, Javascript, HTML5,CSS3 and many others. I am looking for a friendly community that I can contribute to ,as I have quite a bit of free time on my hands currently. I look forward to getting to know you all!


Welcome Amber, based on my many years of using many linux distributions (distro hopping) Fedora is the best option for a developer, large and friendly community lots of materials to read and great documentations about development, this is my opinion you make your own about Fedora Community.

this might be useful Pagure Fedora (git like code hosting by fedora)
Project Fedora Wiki Fedora Project Wiki
Fedora Documentation Fedora Documentation :: Fedora Docs
Fedora Developers Portal

I am software engineer and write code for work, but I also like to learn the system I am using.
EDIT: If you are interested in Data Science(AI / Machine Learning) coding feel free to message in DM.

Live Long and Prosper :vulcan_salute:


Hello everyone!

My name is Lucas and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information Technology (very much like Comp Sci, but more code, less theory). I have been distro hopping since around 2009, which is about the same time I actually had my first encounter with Fedora. I have now decided to settle down with Fedora as the main distro and perhaps one day I will use Silverblue as my main, but now I am just a tad bit scared of it, so it gets to stay in the VM for now.

I hope that I can be of use to the community in any way for the time I have free everyday, so with that said, Live Long and Prosper :vulcan_salute:

  • Lucas

Hello everyone!

I’m Chris, GNOME developer and contractor. Currently working various contracts and internships.
I’ve been using GNU/Linux since 2017, and started using Fedora Silverblue just a few months ago on my main laptop.

My dream is to be working a steady full-time job developing free software :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone!

I’m Madalin and I’ve discovered Linux 3 years ago…basically when Windows 10 came out with its atrocious privacy policy. I started back then with Ubuntu but after just a month I grew tired with its opinionated setup and jumped to Arch trying to learn Linux “the hard way” :joy:.

A week ago I finally found out about Silverblue and I loved the concept, enough to finally ditch Arch.
I am currently using Silverblue on my old desktop and decided to migrate my laptop today, since v31 just came out and v30 wouldn’t play well with the hybrid graphics on it.

Anyways, I hope to be of some use to the community once I figure things out with Silverblue. :grin:


Hello, my name is Brayan. I from Colombia (not Columbia). I’m studying system engineering and currently I’m in 5th semester. My first taste in the world of linux was about two years ago. I’ve used Ubuntu and also Linux Mint for a while. Two month ago I found Fedora and I’m really impressed about its community, apps, package manager and much more. I’m not an expert in the world of linux so I would like to learn a lot from you. Also I like competitive programming and C++ and next year I’m going to start to learn Python + Django in order to be a web developer. I love share knowledge with communities s I will be very happy to share with you. Thank you!


Hey, I’m Kelly. I had been using Linux since my college days (about half a decade ago) and had slight knowledge about Fedora. My career path has taken a lot of twists and turns, but gladly I make it through to become a Marketing Manager at Invictus Studio - a web design company in Dallas. Since I’ve entered this community, my exposure to Fedora and its importance has grown to vast extent and I think I’m going to explore it a lot more with all the lovely people around.

Thanks and cheers!


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