Interruptions in video and audio streams

since a couple of weeks I have a new external monitor (Philips EVNIA 27" curved) which I connect to my laptop through HDMI. In Fedora KDE I can select to use HDMI/Displayport GA106 High definition port for sending audio to the monitor through the HDMI cable. From there I can connect a 3mm audio connection to the loudspeakers. Reason to this like this is, the audio output on the laptop is on the right side of the casing making the audio cable visible. HDMI is connected at the rear side and therefore invisible.
But when I listen to audio or watch video (with audio) there these glitches where the stream is interrupted. Sometime it is so bad that video stops while audio continues. I then pause the stream and restart it where I see the video catching up the audio and things play nicely together again.
When I switch to my BT earphones I don’t have interruptions and all is playing well.

Does anyone have (had) this behavior as well and if so what did you do to solve it, except the obvious: don’t connect it this way?