Internal microphone does not work on Thinkbook 13s IML

I’m using Fedora 33 on Thinkbook 13s IML. I have come across an issue with its built-in microphone - it is detected (as “Digital Microphone - sof-hda-dsp”) but it is unable to record anything.

I’m trying to figure out where to find any relevant logs to see any sound-related errors. I have attached standard logs to the ticket: 1934754 – Unable to record sound using internal microphone (Thinkbook 13s IML) , but for me nothing there looks relevant.

Have you had a look by the lenovo community ?

Please have a look there.

By the way, Fedora 34 comes out with changes for audio. Would be nice if you check if your hardware works out of the box.

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I have found temporary solution: Microphone not working (Lenovo Thinkbook 13S, CML-U) · Issue #2460 · thesofproject/linux · GitHub

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