Intel wi-fi 6e ax211 constantly dropping connections

Hey all!

So I’ve got a wifi chip attached to my aorus z790 elite ax motherboard that is intel wi-fi 6e ax211.

Seemingly my wifi will drop for a few seconds before picking back up. And I’ve confirmed (probably) its not my router by using a wifi dongle instead. But the dongle is old and limits me to 200 mbps. But good enough to test, and find zero drops.

Now I never really notice this problem until the new path of exile league started? Which is weird because I never saw a problem in CSGO? Maybe just luck?

I did just notice a thread linked to about possibly a power management problem so I’ll take a look at that tomorrow. But I wanted to get a post going to see if maybe there were other problems? Really seems like the Intel 211 has some problems based on googling.


How to keep internet connection connected without interruption - #4 by vgaetera

You are not the only one to have problems with the 6e AX211 chipset. You can search for other threads on that device. It may be powersave settings as indicated by @vgaetera above or it may be drivers. I suggest the fix noted above and it that does not work then let us know as we may need to dig deeper.