Integrating Fedora Matrix homeserver with discourse-chat-integration plugin?

Continuing the discussion from The future of real-time (chat) discussion for the Fedora council:

Hi all, I noticed our Discourse site has the discourse-chat-integration plugin installed. This plugin has support for Matrix to send alerts for new topics, new replies, messages to a group, or mentions of a group to pre-configured rooms. A notification in your instant messaging system will look something like this:

Example screenshot of an announcement posted to a Slack channel

Many IRC channels used to use a fedora-messaging IRC bot to relay new mailing list topics and replies. Perhaps this could be a substitute to that feature through this Discourse integration.

More information about the plugin here:

Any thoughts on piloting it out? We need this information to set it up if so:

Semi-related, there is also a Telegram integration, which might be nice to hook up a specific Discourse category to the Telegram announcement channel Fedora News. But might be worthy of a separate thread!

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I’m fine with trying it out for the Fedora Magazine topic/section. Personally, I would rather it not be too noisy. Can you set the excerpt length to 0 so that the notification would just be the subject line as a hyperlink back to the forum?

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This is on my list to look at — thanks for starting the discussion @jflory7. I want to be careful about not doing integrations just because we can, and especially to make sure we don’t have bot chatter interfering with conversation.

At least in the specific case of the Fedora Magazine IRC/Matrix room, I think the problem tends to the opposite direction – there is no conversation because there is no “chatter”. Maybe I’m partly to blame because I don’t hang out in the room. But I don’t hang out in the room because it is rare that anything shows up there. So I guess the problem is sort of self-reinforcing. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe if this were configured, I’d have a reason to watch the room regularly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think WRT the magazine IRC, I pay attention to it as often as I have my IRC client open, which is not every time I am at my PC. I notice some rooms have more chatter and are generally more active in IRC. like workstation. FCOS, Silverblue, QA, etc…
I guess it comes down to what value does it add to the conversations in those places, and do we really need it?

Good point! The thing I’m worried about is a problem with frequent posts (like, all of Ask Fedora would clearly be too much!). In a vacant room, though, I’d be worried about even one-a-day bot messages being too much, because when you join the room and that’s all there’s been for the last week, that’s all you see.

I would prefer something that only displayed the most recent/relevant information as opposed to everything. I think that sort of functionality would require a widget though. Is there a widget version that would display, say, the latest 3 subject lines from the discussion forum?

One can make custom widgets — anything that can go in an iframe. I guess for this, rss would be the direction to look?