Integrate R with OpenBLAS in Fedora



Interesting. I just tried it again with same commands as before and it works this time. At least the prompt is responding as expected. I’ll check out RStudio, it seems interesting. This seems a lot like Octave, which I use on occasion.
[Edit] I can create a new project, and RStudio seems to be working correctly now. I used the same commands that I simply scrolled back up through my terminal history to find.
Sorry, its not really like Octave as much as first impression.


Octave is an open-source project to run Matlab code. R was the same thing for the closed source “S-Plus” software - an open-source interpreter that would run existing “S” code. Both of these were born in the late 1990s in academic settings.

RStudio is an IDE for R. There are several others; if you have the Fedora “scientific spin” you’ve got all of them, plus “Cantor”, which will work with both R and Octave. I used to run the scientific spin before RStudio came along but now it’s overkill - I do everything in R / RStudio now.


Folks, I think I found a post that aims to solve this issue

I will try it and see if it works


R already uses openblas on Fedora - there is nothing to do.