Installing VirtualBox on Fedora 33 Workstation

Which version of VirtualBox to download and install on Fedora 33 Workstation?

Please advise…


apologies if Fedora 33 still does not support VirtualBox, read this thread just now Support for VirtualBox and realized it say Fedora doesnt support it.

Please provide alternatives, should I just use Boxes that is preinstalled? Trying to test some security hardening on Ubuntu Server 18.04.

Thanks ahead of time for any help,


That thread is related to Fedora 30.
I don’t use VirtualBox, since I switched to Boxes or virt-manager (both use qemu/KVM under the hood).
But sometime it happens that softwares like VirtualBox don’t support the brand new Fedora for some time after the release (sometimes due to kernel version). So you just have to wait.

Generally speaking, I would advice to configure at least rpmfusion-free repository, and install VirtualBox from there.


You can use VirtualBox package from rpmfusion, it is working quite well.

Other options are Boxes or virt-manager. To get you started:


Tried out Boxes tonight to give it a spin, as I really like VirtualBox, Boxes seem to be easy enough to get going. I like the customization with VirtualBox, but Boxes got me moving this evening.
Thank you both for your quick responses and I will probably add VirtualBox soon to the toolbox.
I am very new here and really appreciate the quick professional responses. Thx again.


If you’re looking for more customization options than Boxes provides, then definitely try virt-manager. It will likely give you everything you’d want.


VirtualBox works just fine under Fedora and has for years. For Fedora 33 use the testbuilds. These work well for 33.


much appreciated. As sold as I am on VirtualBox, virt-manager looks pretty interesting as well.

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