Installing thinkorswim desktop on Fedora

Can the thinkorswim desktop trading platform be installed on Fedora? Thank you

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Thank you for the response. I seem to be able to install the program, but when I try to run it, I get the error shown in the picture.

Okay, finally solved this, and it was a bit of a journey. First of all, I had to switch to the correct version of Java for thinkorswim desktop to work: Azul’s Zulu OpenJDK 11 using the following commands:

$ sudo dnf install -y
$ sudo dnf install zulu11-jdk

Then configure to default to the correct version:

$ sudo alternatives --config java

There are 2 programs which provide ‘java’.

Selection Command

*+ 1 java-17-openjdk.x86_64 (/usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk-
2 /usr/lib/jvm/zulu11/bin/java

Enter to keep the current selection[+], or type selection number:

Press 2 (in this case) and then press ENTER. Double check that the Azul JDK is the primary:

$ java --version
openjdk 2022-02-08 LTS
OpenJDK Runtime Environment Zulu11.54+25-CA (build
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Zulu11.54+25-CA (build, mixed mode)

And , finally, here is the kicker: In order for the program to remain visible when running, I needed to configure GNOME to use Xorg. I accomplished this on the Fedora sign-on screen, by selecting the “gear icon” and choosing “GNOME on Xorg.”

Also, there are ways to add a “desktop entry” to start the program. If anyone needs advice on this, let me know. . .

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I got this up and running with java-11-openjdk from the “updates” repo. After installing I had to run ‘sudo alternatives --config java’ like you did. I’m not entirely sure Zulu Java 11 is mandatory.

In the past I got ToS running on both EndeavourOS and on Mint the same way.

KDE/Wayland here, FWIW.

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I need this desktop entry to start the program again. If you have the details on how to get that, I would greatly appreciate it. Im switching from Kubuntu to Fedora and it didnt install the desktop icon. Note: I am using Fedora 40 with KDE.