Installing Sliverblue

I have a laptop with Windows 10 and Clearlinux dual boot. Partitions 1-5 are Windows, 6 is for data, 7 is clr efi at 513 MB, 8 is clr swap at 513 MB, 9 is clr root at 40 GB, 10 is clr home at 19 GB. Would it be safe to install silverblue in place of clearlinux and the best to do it and not break windows?

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Assuming that Windows has its own EFI partition and you will reuse the “clr” EFI partition for Silverblue, I do not see any problems with your partition layout. In the past I have even had a triple boot setup (Win, Silverblue and Antergos).

P.S.: Out of curiosity, why such a small swap partition?

Clear Linux said to use 256 MG because Swap is not a desirable behavior. Some subscribe to the philosophy of not having a /swap partition at all. Our engineers have seen the memory management behaves more fairly if there is a small swap space though. Unless you see data pointing to the need for more swap space, I would leave it.

Silverblue wound not install, used partitions
/boot/efi 513MB,
swap 513 MB,
/ 40 GB
/var/home 19GB
Got a error ,
mount (‘__bind’,‘/mnt/sysimage /boot/efi’/sysroot/boot/efi’) exided with code 32
What do I need to do?
Thank You

How many EFI partitions do you have? Cause you have Windows dual boot, you need one EFI partition for Windows and one for Silverblue.

Reference: Troubleshooting :: Fedora Docs

IHave a
Windows efi is on /dev/sda2 and 105 MB
Silverblue efi is on /dev/sda7 and 513 MB at /boot/efi
I Read that silverblue needs a boot ext 4 is that so and will I need both /boot/efi and /boot at ext 4

You are right, I actually had missed that from your previous posts.

so do I need /boot/efi and a/ boot or
a/efi and a/ boot
and what size for the boot

Boot: mount point /boot, type ext4, size 1GB
EFi: mount point /boot/efi (size as is now)

Thank you

I will try this later and let you know how it goes.

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On silverblue will I need more that the 513 MB of swap that had for Clear Linux?
IHave 8GB of ram

Should not be a problem AFAIK. I think one of my sysytems does not even have a swap partition.

Silverblue is running
now that firefox is on flathub would it be better
install and run it and delete the other one?

From my limited experience, flatpak Firefox had trouble working host-connector for However, flatpak Firefox had better support for codecs.

For that reason, I have both rpm-ostree Firefox (pre-installed) and flatpak Firefox.

For me firefox flathub does not work with on screen keyboard
do you know why screen brightness would keeps going down