Installing OBS Studio from RPMFusion downgrades a bunch of things and breaks my system

So i’m trying to install OBS Studio from RPM Fusion repositories. When OBS Studio is installed, it also installs “obs-studio-libs”. Problem is, to install “obs-studio-libs”, many things get downgraded for some reason which affects other apps and the rest of my system (for example, Discover is well and truly unusable; no icons, no search bar, no nothing). After downgrading everything, I upgraded them all again using DNFDragora.
I want to be able to install OBS Studio without downgrading stuff and breaking my system.
Any help is appreciated.
A list of all the things which are downgraded is given:

Also, mlt is now always shown in the update list. If I update it, it uninstalls Kdenlive and mlt-freeworld. What’s up with that?

Don’t use the RPM for OBS. Flatpack is the recommended install method for Linux as the OBS teams packages and maintains the image.


Note that the latest version of mlt on fedora is 7.8 while mlt-freeworld is 7.4.

Installing mlt-freeworld will pull in mlt 7.4 and as long as you do not update it individually should be fine because of the dependencies. Both show the exact same dependencies otherwise.


Note that unless you need the mlt-freeworld additions you could easily forego that and stick with the fedora version of mlt.

I am sure that mlt-freeworld will be updated soon.

Just updated to mlt and mlt-freeworld 7.8. Installing OBS still requires downgrading all the things that are mentioned in cpaste

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Can you double check this again?
I’m seeing OBS Studio as, 28.0.2-1.fc36 today and it also looks like mlt-freeworld has been updated as well.

Are you sure you are not thinking about some else who chose to use a Microsoft repository?

OOPs. That was sent to the wrong thread. My error.

Everything’s working fine now. Closing.

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