Installing Mayan EDMS in Podman using docker-compose

Hi again everyone,

I’m trying to understand what the requirements are to get Mayan EDMS running in podman. I have installed docker-compose in order to use the yaml file for installation, but the Mayan documentation states

  1. Customize the Mayan EDMS Docker Compose file:Update the docker-compose.yml file directly or create a file named .env in the same folder where the file docker-compose.yml resides. Add an entry for each of the environment variables to change.

What are the basic env variables that need to be set here?

I have tried using the default but get the error “ERROR: Couldn’t find env file”

I’m just a little confused, is it possible to edit the yaml file directory, or does an env file have to be created, if so what are the basic values to get it running?

I’m really just looking for a DMS that I can run in Podman, that has a good looking interface, that is easy to get going, and is fully searchable. OCR would be good, or at least the ability to integrate it through python. So any alternative recommendations would be appreciated.


These are two examples of .env on docker and docker-compose which is the same for podman.


  1. Download the Mayan EDMS Docker Compose file:

The file is located at:

This compose is well documented to use this variable in your .env file, you can refer to it in your compose file as $VAR, for example, for your specific Question, this two examples taken from there:

 env_file: env_file
    environment: &mayan_env

      image: postgres:${MAYAN_DOCKER_POSTGRES_TAG:-9.6-alpine}
  1. Create the .env file

  2. Install podman-compose and then deploy your container:
    sudo dnf install podman-compose
    podman-compose -d up


.env file is a special file where you define your variables and then references it in your docker-compose.yml.

Specially Usefull for Store in just one place:

  • Databases Password
  • Volumes
  • Etc.,

NOTE: More info from Docker Documentation


Thank you kindly for the explanation, I was trying to use docker-compose instead of podman-compose. I think I was just getting confused between the different technologies…

Thanks again and have a super day

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