Installing KDE with FCOS on AWS

I’m tinkering around with fedora-coreos-38.20230901.20.0-aarch64 on AWS. Some of the initial installations completed sucessfully but the next step is to install KDE Plasma. In the documentation, there are several references to KDE (see screenshot) but mostly on how to use it in order to install other software. What I really want to install it. I tried sudo rpm-ostree install kde-plasma-desktop but got error: Packages not found: kde-plasma-desktop. I was wondering if it is feasible to install some desktop graphic environment (my preference is KDE but I’m open to others) with CoreOS and would welcome any suggestion on how to accomplish it.

I think that is a group meta package and in workstation would be installed with sudo dnf group install 'KDE Plasma Workspaces' and/or sudo dnf group install 'KDE (K Desktop Environment)'

How that would work with rpm-ostree I have no clue.

Other than the immutability of CoreOS it is very easy to install fedora workstation aarch64 on an RPi and it already has the graphics desktop (gnome) available.

I would not try to install a desktop environment on Fedora CoreOS. You might be able to get something like what you want using distrobox (i.e. IIUC desktop environment in a container), but FCOS isn’t really meant for graphical desktop use cases.

Re: the docs screenshot you posted: The search you are doing is across all Fedora docs. If you check the “In This Section” button in the search bar you won’t find anything related to KDE.

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This was a bad idea after all. Thanks for the help!

You might be interested in Kinoite The KDE Plasma desktop, in an immutable fashion | The Fedora Project which is using some of the same technologies behind Fedora CoreOS.

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