Installing Fedora on a LinkStar h68ki


I bought one recently and am interested in installing Fedora 38 Server Edition in it. Tried creating a TF card with Fedora Writer. It didn’t get recognized.

If anyone knows how, I will be grateful for some pointers. I’m only interested in the 2.5 Gbps ports and being able to run Fedora on it.

Here’re some links:

wiki: LinkStar Introduction | Seeed Studio Wiki
base board datasheet:

That has an ARM Cortex processor so one must use the aarch64 build to support it.
It also says that one must install the OS onto the SD card which is then booted by the installed android OS.

I would need one on hand for testing to provide a better answer.

Hey Jeff, thanks for responding.

Indeed, I tried the SD card method by using one that has Fedora Server 38 for ARM. It didn’t boot.

Besides, it would be good to install directly to the MMC card.

Read up on the documentation for that device. It seems quite informative. The device apparently comes with android 11 on the eMMC card.