Installing Fedora 34 beta: Is this a correct partitioning layout on SSD+HDD with btrfs and dualboot?

Hi, there have been a few releases since I have been upgrading fedora, but now as btrfs keeps getting new features I wish to do a reinstall. Could you please validate my intended partitioning for fedora 34?

I have the Bios set to Legacy mode, as originally when installing windows and fedora I was having problems. This is the partitioning layout I currently am using across the SSD and HDD (As you can see there are 3 ntfs partitions across the disks. Those were created after installing windows.):

sda     119,2G   SSD disk 
    sda1  549M  - ntfs
    **sda2    118,7G   / - ext4**
sdb      931,5G  HDD disk 
    sdb1   390G  - ntfs 
    sdb2   600M  - ntfs 
    **sdb3   8G  - swap**
    **sdb4  532,9G   /home - ext4**

I will delete the partitions between asterisks above, and create the new ones between asterisks bellow:

sda      119,2G  SSD disk 
   sda1   549M  - ntfs
   **sda2   1GB   /boot  - ext4**
   **sda3   117GB  /   - btrfs volume**
sdb      931,5G HDD disk
   sdb1  390G  - ntfs
   sdb2  600M  - ntfs
   **sdb3   540 GB /home  - btrfs volume**

And I will install the bootloader on the first SSD disk.
I have read on how to setup different btrfs volumes in the advanced partitioning in anaconda.
This should work right? My biggest fear is I stop being able to boot to windows, somehow, or that grub won’t load at boot. But if I set the bootloader to be installed in the first disk in Anaconda disks screen, it should correctly find the /boot partition and show me all OSes like before, right?

Thank you for any hints.

It looks reasonable. One tricky thing though…

Check out Figure 12 in the Fedora 33 install guide. If you select both disks here, and then do an installation, Anaconda will try to combine the free space on both drives into one Btrfs “pool” that will contain both / and /home. One big file system across two partitions. If you want them to be separate file systems, it can take some fiddling in Custom or Advanced-Custom partitioning to make them separate volumes.

Check Figure 21. If you click on / or /home you get a Volume: section on the right side where you can Modify the existing volume, and choose that it should not be made from two volumes, and which one you want it on. And you can create a new volume (with a new name) and specify that it should go on the other drive.

If sda and sdb have the same kind of performance (both of them are SSD, or both are HDD) then I would allow Anaconda to just make one big file system across both drives. If they are mixed (one is SSD the other is HDD) then I would make separate file systems.


Thank you, disks have different performance, they are SSD+HDD, so I will make sure to do separate file systems.

I had a problem on a older laptop which had F34, so perhaps I will wait for final fedora 34 to do the reinstall. Thank you for your clear explanation, it will help me when the time comes.

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